Against the Storm – How to Deal with Fuel Problems

A short beginner guide on what to do when you always run out of firewood or fuel in general.

I Always Run Out of Fuel

Here are a few things you can do if fuel shortages become your main problem:

  • Have more woodcutters. 2 are the minimum, sometimes you need more
  • Build warehouses near your woodcutters that you delete later. Travel time is important.
  • Have a Beaver as the Hearth person
  • Use every chance to improve wood related recipes. A +1 bonus to planks can save a LOT of wood over the course of a game, so you have more to burn.
  • Turn wood into coal with a building like the Kiln.
  • Check if a different recipe saves on fuel. Jerky for example needs either 1 coal or 5 wood. 5 wood burn for 72 seconds, 1 coal burns only 40 seconds. So it is far more efficient to use coal.
  • Produce oil from grain or plant fiber if you have enough. In a press 2 grain become 5 oil, which burn for 125 second (as long as ~10 wood)
  • Use mines to get coal, something to do for the beavers during the storm
  • Don’t forget you can burn sea marrow if you have it in abundance
  • Use convenient opportunities for woodcutters. You just built a new hearth + warehouse in a a glade full of trees? Put your woodcutters near the trees in that glade, the near hearth and warehouse will help them to deliver and rest quickly.

Bonus info for your own calculations:

Wood Burns 12 Seconds
Oil Burns 25 Seconds
Coal Burns 40 Seconds
Sea Marrow Burns 40 Seconds

For Example: The Kiln turns 10 wood into 5 coal, so instead of 120 seconds of fuel you get 200. If you can spare the workforce, it is almost always a good choice to turn wood into coal.

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