Amnesia: Rebirth – Cage Puzzle

This part of the guide explains how to solve the cage puzzle in The Theater.

Cage Puzzle

Your goal here is to figure out how to get into the next room.

  • Hint: In order to solve this one, you’re going to need all of the triangle devices.

Step-by-Step Solutions 

Move the first device you see towards the hallway in front of you so it lights it up, then continue into the next room.

In the next room, which is the theater, you’ll find another triangle device in the hallway on the left side. Grab it, and bring it with your other one.

First, you’re going to open the door in the other hallway stemming from the main room you landed in. So, place one device on the floor near that hallway’s entrance, and the other one right where the hall turns to face the locked door. This way, both devices connect with each other.

This should open the room ahead and you can grab the third device. Now, head back out and place one device at the start of the hallway leading into the theater.

Then, put the second at the opposite end. Next, move the third triangle down the ramp a ways until it lights up the green light on the right side of the theater.

Next, head down and flip the switch on the right side of the room, this will bring a body in a cage out. Once it lands in the machine in the middle of the room, pull the switch in front of you.

The body will move back into the room behind this one. This is going to be your way out.

Go back and flip the switch on the far right again. This time, you’ll get an empty cage. So, quickly climb up the ladder and hop in.

After a brief cutscene, the button on the right will turn red. Push it, and the glowing figure will appear once again. Once she leaves, pull the switch again in front of the cage and get back in. 

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