Apex Legends – Fully Kitted Achievement / Trophy

Fully Kitted Achievement / Trophy Guide

Fully kitted weapons, or fully-kitted weapons, are weapons equipped with all their attachments; those attachments cannot be removed, except for the optic. If the weapon is dropped, the optic still stays on the weapon. There is no performance difference between a fully kitted weapon and a weapon that has been fully kitted manually with the same attachments.

Fully kitted weapons are tiered between Common (★), Rare (★★), Epic (★★★), and Legendary (★★★★) rarities, with both the rarity and the number of the stars marking the level of the attachments (except the optics) a weapon has.

In Battle Royale, all fully kitted weapons are Legendary. Five weapons are selected each Season to be fully kitted weapons, and have a 80% chance to spawn in Hot Zones marked on any map, even if only one can spawn in a given Hot Zone. They can also spawn in map-specific loot sources such as gold loot ticks (1% chance), Flyers carrying gold death boxes (37.5% chance), gold cargo bots (1% chance) and loot MRVNs after giving them their missing arm (1% chance). The Research Basin, the central part of Elysium, and the underground part of Velvet Oasis on Olympus also have a high chance of spawning a fully kitted weapon.

In Arenas.svg Arenas, every weapon starts as a Common “fully kitted” weapon despite either not having any attachment or only having their optics, and can be upgraded to an actual fully kitted weapon in order from Common (with attachments) to Rare to Epic. In addition, Rare, Epic, and Legendary fully kitted weapons spawn in every Care Package, and the rarity of the weapons increase with the rounds.

Despite the rarity, certain weapons whose Epic upgrade is purchased at round start have access to Legendary attachments such as Digital Threat optics and Hop-Ups.

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