BattleBit Remastered – Beginners Tips

A list of tips for new players.

Tips for New Players

  1. Alt+Scrollwheel=zeroing What zeroing does is helps with the accuracy with guns at certain ranges.
  2. X is to change firemode. Auto,burst and semi.
  3. Middle mouse=ping, ping turns red when there’s a enemy.
  4. Middle mouse (hold) opens a build menu to deploy sandbags and cover. If you are the squad leader, you can deploy a spawn point Alternatively you can press the O button too, ads to exit the menu
  5. C4 is ur best friend, it helps access to places you cannot fast and damages enemies and vehicles.
  6. F1-F8 keys in a vehicle changes your seat.
  7. V is for proximity chat, B is for squad chat and if your squad leader, N is leader chat.
  8. M is for map (duh).
  9. Tap R for tactical reload, hold R for quick reload, quick reload drops your magazine but increases reload speed.
  10. Keybind your bandage and drag to the same key so you can drag and revive at the same time.
  11. Hold space after jumping to parkour like crazii, you can access heights you never taught you could.
  12. Use binoculars to avoid glint and spot players.
  13. Dont pilot the heli unless you know how. Idw to crash like how the heli did at the embassy in MW(2019).
  14. H is to check the rounds in your current mag.
  15. jump and nade out at the same time to cover further distances.
  16. Yes, you can put your mines on drones in the recon class. Have fun.
  17. Dont booby trap a place with others like SAW SPIRAL, risks involved includes friendly fire and mass manslaughter.
  18. You can drag ur enemies too, woah amazing right. Now kidnap and interrogate em at the corner.
  19. Scrollwheel while ads to change optics if u have em equiped.
  20. Please on toggle for leaning, yes that’s a setting, so your fingers won’t have to play twister on the keyboard.
  21. Press spacebar to deploy, u don’t have to drag ur mouse to the deploy button anymore.
  22. If equipped, press T to toggle laser\flashlight. But it’s not recommended, u are like a lighthouse if you equip it.
  23. Press N for night vision
  24. Flares seem harmless until you use them with night vision at night, oh boy u thought discord lightmode was bad. Lemme introduce you the flare >-<
  25. Please equip the right attachments… Sum of em are practically useless and make your gun worse.
  26. Press L in a vehicle to on headlights
  27. If the building you are on is shaky, run, it’s collapsing.
  28. 127v127 is the spotlight of the game, but remember to try out 64v64 and 32v32 ye? They both have their own signature modes like rush, plant bomb at objective just like valorant and money smth smth I forgot but it’s like kill confirmed and it’s fun.
  29. Underrated feature but if u have half magazines, you can combine the two of em into one full magazine with the P key.

Bonus: sucidal c4 users, scream or make the weirdest noise possible before exploding to the enemy to traumatize them.

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