BattleBit Remastered – Tips for Leveling Up

Tips for leveling up, this guide is suitable for those who have just started playing recently and want to improve faster.

Leveling Up Tips

Destroy equipment

For undermining the equipment, 1800 points are given to the level

You can undermine not only for an engineer, but also for other classes for this you need c4

Gaining experience for the appearance of teammates

For each teammate who appears on you or the spawn center placed (it is done only for the captain of the squad), you will receive 200 xp for each soldier.

Use mines

Place mines anywhere for killing at a point you will get 400 xp for killing outside the point 200 xp.

Farm for a medic

During the game, a lot of points are accumulated by a medic for one lift, you will get 400 xp and if you fully restore his health, another 370 xp. It is very profitable to combine with 1 tip.

Capture points

  • For a rollback they give 1400 xp
  • For the capture they give 1400 xp

Also, if you are a commander, mark the longing it adds even more experience.

Try to kill in the head

For a murder in the head they give 400 xp so you will get 3 times more points than for a normal murder.

Modes for pumping

  • To level up, it is best to play 127/127
  • For pumping weapons 64/64
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