BattleBit Remastered – Useful Tips and Tricks

A few tips and tricks I learned from beta and early access. I’m not the best player and also I mainly play Assault and Medic.

Tips and Tricks

Faster Reload

As the game lets you pick up mags while reloading, if you are stationary and need to reload quickly, for most weapons it is quicker to fast reload, aka drop the mag, then pick it back up.

Ammo Box Choice as Support

If you are playing support you should always choose the heavy ammo box. There are no benefits to choosing the alternative.

Holding Space to Vault Tall Objects

There are some objects which you will need to jump and vault to cross over. If you hold space while running into the object the game will automatically vault you when possible.

Drop your Medbox

If you are playing Medic you should know you have two Medkits. I always drop one of mine and go else where to heal as it means you can do almost twice as much healing. This comes with the downside that your teammates need to manually interact with the box to heal, but useful in situations where your team is lacking in medics. You can also pick them back up when the medbox is no longer needed.

Furthermore using smokes is a good way to provide cover while you’re reviving teammates. Enemies tend to hesitate pushing into smokes so it might give you a few more seconds to res.

Vehicle Spawnpoints

You can leave vehicles just on the edge of the spawn area to use it as a spawn beacon. This is only really useful if your team has lost all its caps or at the beginning of a match.

Spawn Beacon Sounds

The spawn beacon makes a unique radio frequency sound to everyone near it. This could be useful in looking for enemy spawn beacons.


You can revive at the same time as dragging a teammate. You can simplfying they by binding the two actions to the same key.

You can revive teammates on the floor above. When you do this they will respawn on your floor.

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