Cult of the Lamb – How to Rename Your Cult

Some how it is known that you get to name your cult, then your stuck with that name for good. if your part way into the game and wish to change the cult name, you can, with no starting over to do it.

How to Rename Your Cult After Being Named

What is needed (if not yet done)

You’ll have to build the temple and do a doctrine befour you can rename your cult again and again, and again if you like.

If you have yet to do a doctrine, keep playing till you find a room where you’ll get 3 stone parts to a stone tablet and pick all 3 up (now you can do a doctrine), then keep playing till you get back to your cult.

Doing your 1ST doctrine

Once back, go to the temple and go to the table in the back, then go to crown, next to sermon. on the left, a page will be pulled up and you need to click the book at the top, then pick 1 of the 5 icons in the new pop up, then pick a card (pick carefully, this can’t be changed later) and charge power into it to lock it.

Now to change your cult name

Your doctrine is done, now you can change the name of your cult all you want. still at the table in the temple, click on the new doctrine icon on the far right. A book will show up and open on the crown page. Look to the bottom of the left page where you’ll see view followers and over that, rename cult. Click rename cult and in put a new name, and you can now change your cult’s name anytime from there.

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