Call to Arms – Gates of Hell: Ostfront – How to Cheese Infantry in Conquest

Ever wish you could bring more dakka to the fight? Ever wish you could field entire full squads of ATRs, sniper rifles or LMGs? Well, you can! It’s easy, and here’s how you do it.

Guide to Cheese Infantry in Conquest

Step 1: Buy, grab and assign the givers and receivers together

Let’s say you like the extra visibility that a recon units gives but hate that you’re stuck using a SMG, a LMG and four vanilla rifles. Wouldn’t it be cooler if everyone in that squad had a sniper rifle? Then you wouldn’t need separate snipers & spotters – one unit could do it all. Or how about a dozen guys all carrying Anti-Tank Rifles to turn enemy armor into Swiss cheese? Ten guys all armed with flamethrowers? A squad leader with binoculars without having to bring a separate officer unit along?

Life is short so I’m just going to explain the first option and you can figure it out from there. I begin with an Aufkalier (but any nation can do this, by the way) because it’s a sneaky recon unit and it’s only six men. Then I buy a bunch of snipers and group them together into one battle phase.

The important thing here is that this segment of battle is not actually going to go into battle per se. Rather, you can hold it in reserve until the battle is over. When the final point is scored and the last enemy vanquished, the game will ask if you want to CONTINUE?

Pick yes, and then bring out the squad that you want to mod.

Strictly speaking, you don’t have to do it this way, but this is the safest way to do this. Otherwise you risk them being attacked whilst you’re still trying to sort their gear. That’s not fun.

Step 2: When the smoke is clear, swap their gear

The “X” key and/or the little EYEBALL icon allows you to swap gear with anyone or anything else. You can use it to loot the dead, or scavenge parts & ammo from destroyed vehicles, lug jerry cans of of fuel from one truck to another, replace everything you have with landmines from an engineering truck and skip the whole AP/AT specialty units entirely or even trade with a living friendly soldier.

That last option is what we’re doing. In this case, I want to give my Aufkalier scout a proper sniper rifle for extra accuracy. Yes, it turns out you don’t really have to be a sniper to land one-shot kills on enemy infantry. You really just need the gun, though to be fair a sniper will still have a higher baseline accuracy (you can’t have everything), but you’ll more than make up for that with volume fire. Six pseudo-snipers firing at once will, even with slightly lower accuracy, far outpace the body count of any one sniper squad with only one or two guys in it. Now imagine doing that with a twelve man squad and you get the picture.

When you’re satisfied that you’re now carrying everything you need, only then do you click the box at the top right of the map and FINISH the battle.

Step 3: Enjoy some delicious cheese

When you get back to HQ you’ll notice something both fascinating and wonderful. That gear exchange is still in play and your regular infantry unit (or in this case scout infantry) are still carrying sniper rifles. Along with all the junk you gave them.

Now when you hit resupply your original snipers will get their weapons replaced, which can and will end up with them carrying two rifles – the vanilla one you handed them earlier and their newly issued replacement. For this reason, if you plan to reuse these guys to help kit out more troops, it might be best to actually just drop the vanilla rifles on the ground before exiting back to HQ. Not required but still worth considering.

As I mentioned earlier, you can do this with literally any piece of infantry gear. Anti-tank rifles, rocket launchers, flamethrowers, machineguns, etc. All of these specialty items that normally only come in little one & two man mini-squads can by transferred over to your full-sized squads to turn them into epic killing machines. A single twelve man squad armed with four sniper rifles, four LMGs, two bazookas, two rifle grenade launchers and a squad leader carrying binoculars is entirely feasible using this trick.

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