PAYDAY 3 – How to Improve Your Stealth (Throwable Lures)

Hello friends! In this guide I’ll show you a secret how to get better at stealth using an overlooked game mechanic.

Throwing Knives!

Throw a knife at a far surface to lure guards away.

  • That’s right! Throwing knives will serve much better as lure rather than a tool for killing guards.
  • Need to hack a phone on a guard without risking suspicion? Throw a knife at a far surface and tail him!
  • Too impatient to wait for guard to move out of your way?
  • Speedrunning Nightclub and guards swarm the exit?
  • Delivering a… “mysterious package” in 99 Boxes, but the guards blocking doorway?
  • Lead guard’s annoying you?
  • Guards swarm the ground floor in “Under the Surphaze” and won’t let you hack in peace?

The answer to all of these is throwing knives.

No pagers? No problem.

Disclaimer: You might need to get used to estimate a distance at which guards will hear the knife land so they move in to investigate.

Bonus: If you’re running full stealth build without intending to restart consider grabbing an ammo bag for more knives.


Created by Ace_D4

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