Cruelty Squad – How to Disable VSync

How to run cruelty squad at a trillion frames per second.

Guide to Disable VSync


First, navigate to your cruelty squad installation folder.

Then create a file named override.cfg with this written inside of it:



The game should now be running without VSync!

Do note that the game isn’t designed to run past >60 fps, so certain stuff like the toilet fart damage will be applied at a faster rate.


Make sure that the file is not named like override.cfg.txt because that won’t work.

You should enable file extensions in your file explorer, for windows 11 i think it should be like:

  • View > Show > File Name Extensions

Note: Because windows doesn’t respect your intelligence, it hides file extensions by default which has been a huge headache with helping ppl with their configs even in other games and apps).

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