Cuphead – Esther Winchester S Rank Guide

Hey folks! In this guide I’ll be telling you guys how to S-Rank Esther! She’s one of the more challenging bossfights in the DLC but I can show you the ropes on how to get started!

S Rank Guide

The Most Handy-Dandy Weaponry Wagon

I recommend using Cuphead or Mugman for this boss as their weaponry and supers are easier to use, their supers aren’t too restrictive and their shots feel more efficient. For the charm, I recommend Divine Relic (If you have it unlocked, if you don’t, I will be making another guide on how to get Divine Relic, just hang tight!) But if you don’t have that unlocked, I recommend Heart Ring as you get parries on your first, third, and sixth parry, which is very useful in this case.

Good Day for a Swell Battle!

What you’re aiming for:

  • 3/3 HP.
  • 6/6 Supers used.
  • 3/3 Parries.

Max 2 minutes and 10 seconds spent on the boss.

It’s time to wallop!

Phase 1

So first off I recommend you to try using your EX attacks as much as you can, as this fight is longer than normal. As well as using mini-plane as much as you need to avoid attacks. When she is at the lower-half of the screen, use your bombs as they’re heavy hitters, and if shes middle – top use your regular fire. When she uses her ink attack, bait and switch by going in front of the ink bottle (but not too close) and immediately back away when she uses her attack, do this as much as you need to until she stops. For the cactus attack, Whichever part of the screen she’s aiming for, go to the opposite part and immediately switch back to where you were when the cactus leaves. For the dynamite birds, try your best to kill them before they can drop their dynamite, if they do end up dropping it, try your best to back up and go under the dynamite so it doesn’t hit you as easy, Same goes for the birds that shoot out spiked balls, parry the pink ones if you can.

Phase 2

For her 2nd phase, try using your bombs when it starts raining safes as she’s at the lower part of the screen, but if you need to, use the mini-plane to avoid attacks. When she gets up, use your regular fire, be aware of the items that are going towards you, again I recommend using the mini-plane as the hitbox is a little janky sometimes. Rinse and repeat these steps until phase 3.

Phase 3

This phase is the hardest in my opinion, mini-plane is your best friend in this phase. When she shoots out steaks, use mini-plane to avoid them, and if they’re pink, parry them if safe to do so. I do not recommend using the bombs as It’s dangerous and the sausage cans are a little quick, speaking of the sausage cans, they move extremely fast, so don’t be afraid to use mini-plane to avoid them, and try not to corner yourself, be it trying to get a parry or get more damage, sometimes it Isn’t worth it, and It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Phase 4

The final phase Isn’t actually too bad, It’s really just an endurance battle, at this point endless sausage strips will appear and turn and rotate north and south constantly, so be careful about it, you are able to go through the gaps without any sausages on them, but they also move at a brisk pace, so think quick and move fast. When she spits out peppers, go through the gaps, parry the pink ones if safe to do so. Rinse and repeat these steps until you eventually beat her!

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