Cyberpunk 2077 – How to Fist-Melee (Beat on the Brat)

How to Fist-Melee

This guide does not contain information on how to beat the opponents of ‘Beat on the Brat’. It’s generally an informative guide on how to get started. It’s more fun this way for you to figure it out yourself.

In Cyberpunk 2077 you got with melee light & heavy attacks, dashing, block, parry. Still, blocking or parrying opponent attacks should be avoided. Because you will get hit and the results aren’t going to be pretty. Therefore, you should dodge, and within the ‘body’ attribute-tab you can even upgrade it so, it doesn’t cost stamina (Athletics – Like a Butterfly perk). Furthermore, make sure to invest some points in ‘Street Brawler’ whatever is not outside of combat working, and check skill progression rewards (level it).

The most important thing to know: if you want to do the melee brawling fights make sure you get the cyberware arms modification called Gorilla Arms. What will increase your fist damage and gives you a chance to inflict bleeding Cost also around 26k eddies to equip. (if rarity is rare)

The picture below is to show you the damage you will output more when equipping this and since it’s a cyberware you can use it also in the Beat on the Brat tournament.

What else to know:

  • You could parry successfully without taking damage when you combine it with a dodge. Still, it’s hard to pull it off.
  • You can break down enemies blocking stance by a heavy attack. So you can continuously do 2-3 light attack hits when it breaks.
  • When an enemy runs towards you, you could also perform a heavy attack to cancel the enemy attack.
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