ULTRAKILL – How to Get to Beach on 7-S (The Beach’ Easter Egg)

This guide will show you how to get an easter egg on 7-S aka The beach.

Guide to Get to Beach on 7-S

How-To (Step-by-Step)

Step 1: Pull a green book

In the far left corner of a library, you’ll find a small green book that you need to pull out with your vacuum.

Then shoot metal coils with your railcannon

Step 2: Clean all ghosts

After “railcannoning” the coils, the entire lobby will go dark and ghost drones will appear.

Remove them with your vacuum. Be careful as they can one-shot you. Once done, pick up the red skull from it’s pedestal and return to the room behind the green book.

Step 3: Walking simulator

You’ll see that the passage is further open, go through there, then go behind the waterfall.

I warn you that the tunnel is VERY VERY long.

At the end of the tunnel you’ll see a door that will open when the red skull is placed on the pedestal.

Good thing you brought it with you.

Step 4: Profit

After all the walking, you’ll arrive at the beach with Hakita, Florp and another hint of a size 2 fish, proving once again that it’s real.

In Details about Waterfall in 7-S

You need to go through the level like normal until you get the vacuum and sprayer. Go to the top part of the library inside, and to the right of the area there should be a green book sticking out a bit from the bookshelf. Suck it up with the vacuum, and it’ll cause the bookcase section to rotate. Stick close to the bookcase so you can go with it as it rotates, then shoot the pylon there with the railgun. Leave the little area, then use the vacuum to suck up the ghost drones.

WARNING: Do not just hold down the suck button (heh) and run at all of the ghosts. Make sure to stop clicking, then start clicking again, otherwise the ghosts won’t get sucked up after the first one and you’ll die instantly if they touch you. After sucking them all up, grab the red skull and return to the green book. Go through the passage again, and the way should be open, so you can go through to the tunnel behind the waterfall.

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