Drug Dealer Simulator – Tips and Hints for New Game

A guide from my own personal experiences playing the game and starting many playthroughs. Goes from level 1 to start of end game.


This guide is to help maximize your early game experience. These are tips that I have learned through playing and restarting many times over (I get bored with the end game content and enjoy the grind to build up).

Starting off we will go over for what to do from level 1-20, as that is the most crucial part of the game to get started. And cover level 20-25 (end game prompts at level 25 if you have completed all other prerequisites). Once you have finished the end game quest and started your own production, then the game is pretty open ended, so this guide will end with that.

Additionally, I will include some simple recipes to make your life easier. They are by no means the most efficient or effective, but they are easy to remember and don’t require a spreadsheet. They are simple and get the job done without worrying about ODs.

Starting Off

So you’ve spoken with Eddie and he’s walked you through your first few deals. Now that you have the save option available, I recommend you use it everytime you leave a safehouse. I would also at least create a backup, in case something weird happens so you don’t have to restart from the beginning.

Your first night, you’ll find yourself with a lot of free time. Eddie told you to press “T” to skip through time; do not follow that advice. You need to use that free time to check each and every garbage container you can because they may contain valuables. We will go over this mechanic in a later section. For now, just collect as many as you can.

Also, laying around, you will spot random loot spawns that will contain paint cans, water bottles, cash, bobby pins, medium backpacks, or a bugged 0g bag of drugs (just eat those or throw them in a garbage container to get rid of them). This is valuable free stuff early game, especially the paint cans. Keep your eyes peeled and you will spot them and make a mental note of the placement so you can take the time to look for them later if you happen to be running by them in the future.

Always, always deal at night. You will not gain exposition for dealing at night and you get a XP bonus as well as get paid more. Use the daytime for mixing and general exploration to familiarize yourself with the layout of the map, as there are many routes that you as the player can take that the AI police dont.

As a sidenote, I would only choose to upgrade clients to dealers in areas that have safehouses. This will allow you to set a drop off point later once Sector C is unlocked, so you will no longer have to pickup the money each time.

Skill Points

You should spend your first skill points all into Quick Learner. At the halfway mark, you will then get 7 skill points instead of 5 every time you level up. This means you can hit max skill points much quicker. After halfway on Quick Learner, it’s really up to you and personal preference.

Just save Illusionist for the very last, as it’s completely useless.

Laundering / Valuables

As promised, here’s an overview about the valuables found in the garbage containers

Each one is valued as follows:

  • Watch: $90
  • Phone: $300
  • Bracelet: $350
  • Necklace: $700

As you can see in the screenshots, I was able to collect $26,500 worth by the time I unlocked the ability to launder money, which was many times more than the amount I was able to make through selling dope at that point. So familiarize yourself with the location of the containers and keep those in mind when thinking about your routes.

Speaking of laundering, Eddie will tell you to deposit money at the ATM. You will be prompted with the ability to launder money once you have deposited $2,500 total. My recommendation is to deposit up to $2,450 and then wait until you get a decent amount of cash. I waited until I had about $6,000 cash. Once you are ready, then deposit the final amount and you will get a phone call from Eddie.

The reason why you wish to hold off until you have a large amount is because this is the only time in the entire game you will be able to “launder” at a 100% rate.

Once you have unlocked laundering, be sure to use your initial funds to buy a property and outfit with the furniture you will need to make it your new home. The starter home is only good for the very beginning.

After you are satisfied with your new home and its furnishings, upgrade your laundering to level 7. At level 7, your laundering rate increases to 60%. This is the most cost efficient upgrade. Getting to 65% by comparison only pays for itself once you are far into the end game.


Everyone develops their favorite mixes over time and I will share what I have found to be the easiest and most effective for myself.


Use the leftover less than 1g from the mixing tray and mix with a bag (50g) of salt. Congrats, now you have 50g of samples to handout like candy that will last you a very long time.

Soda Amp:

This is only for the very beginning. If youre truely lazy like me, then you dont even bother to name it and leave it “New Amphetamine Mix.” It works because it’s over 75% (it’s 76.something%)

  • 10g Amp
  • 3g Baking Soda

Sugar Amp:

This is for the next stage, once you can buy a mortar and pestle from the old lady at the market, but before you unlock the pharmacy. You can just split everything in half if you wish to do a lower quantity.

  • 40g Amp
  • 10g Sugar
  • 2g Ibuprofen

Viagra Premix:

This is my premix for everything before unlocking DMT or Fent. It keeps clients happy and it gets addicts. It’s simple and the bags/boxes come out even. Mix this into everything but Heroin or Crystal Meth as a 80/20 mix.

  • 700g Sugar (70%)
  • 180g Baking Soda (18%)
  • 120g Viagra (12%)

Now you may think 12% Viagra is a bit much, but this is a premix. So it’s really only 12% of 80%

For Crystal Meth and Herion users, only use this to get addicts. Once you have an addict, then make a Sugar/Baking Soda Mix and use that only, otherwise, you will have an OD at some point.

Fent Premix:

Same as above, but with Fent. So mix this as a 80/20 into everything but Heroin and Crystal Meth.

  • 700g Sugar (70%)
  • 240g Baking Soda (24%)
  • 30g Viagra (3%)
  • 30g Fent (3%)

Never mix any Fent into Heroin or Meth. You will get ODs.

DMT Premix:

Same as above, but with DMT. 80/20. Safe with Heroin/Crystal until addicted (or at least I havent gotten an OD)

  • 500g Sugar (50%)
  • 240g Baking Soda (24%)
  • 200g DMT (20%)
  • 60g Viagra (6%)

DMT has a low toxicity (1.6) which is similar to sugar (1.3), but a medium strength (2.5) and relatively high addictiveness (3), which is the same addictiveness as ibuprofen (3)

This is for getting addicts. Once addicted, you can sell them basically sugar & baking soda mix. I would not recommend giving this to people once addicted for a long period of time, as it’s pretty strong.

Sugar/Baking Soda Mix:

This is for all your addicts. This keeps em happy, is cheap, and won’t ever OD them. Plus, it’s super easy to make. Just 7 boxes of sugar and 25 bags of baking soda. Mix it 80/20

  • 700g Sugar (70%)
  • 300g Baking Soda (30%)

Sector B

Congratulations on unlocking Sector B. It has a couple very important stores, including the Pharmacy.

Unfortunately, Sector B is the worst sector for dealing in my opinion. The only saving grace is that you can deal some very limited coke and heroin here, but by the time you’ve unlocked heroin, you probably have also unlocked Sector C. Personally, I wouldnt waste much time here and would concentrate on developing your Sector A dealers to get them to level 10.

Psychedelic Gang

Once you have reached level 17, you will get a phone call from Eddie talking about a local gang. They purchase mass marijuana for very cheap, which is a good option if you just want to grow 50 plants outside. They also sell LSD (not very good to sell by itself, but a decent mixer), Mushrooms (worth selling as you buy for $5 can sell for about $15 once you have the rep and skill to raise the price), DMT (again, not worth selling but good for mixing). Unlocking this gang is a prerequisite to starting the End Game content.

The quest begins with you asking your customers to locate the gang. I always found that my customers in Stink or Kennel give the location. You’ll have to ask quite a few times, but you’ll eventually get the information. Their hideout is in Stink.

The second phase of the quest, after speaking with them is to collect letters. They will be in Sector B. You will have to look for candles and nearby there will be an object that is an openable container that will contain the letter. From memory, although probably not all the locations:

  • The graveyard entrance will have a candle and check a grave nearby
  • The bustop near Barney where you buy the weed seeds
  • A box near the garbage container closest to the safehouse in the Supermarket
  • The radiator near the entrance to Bad Asia
  • Electric box in Mid Deadtown north of the street and bus stop there on the backside of the building
  • Tires in Mid Deadtown near the yellow car parked near a garbage container
  • The rock near the pond behind a safehouse in Mid Deadtown
  • Cardboard box near garbage container between Mid Deadtown and West Deadtown
  • Wooden crate near bench in front of building next to Pharmacy in Downtown
  • Wooden crate in underground pass nearest Pharmacy in Supermarket

After finding the letters(3), you will be given the next task of putting a flash drive into a laptop and retrieving a binder at the police station in Kennel. This is very easy. Just go there at night and unlock the door with a bobby pin and do the tasks.

*This is where my guide diverges from most…

DO NOT complete this final step. Go ahead and head back to your original home that you no longer use, and throw the flash drive and binder into the storage. Save it for later. If you complete the quest and unlock the gang, then you will have no control over when the End Game content starts.

Level 20

At level 20, you will receive a phone call from Eddie inviting you to either La Ballenia or Keiji based on your exposition. A low exposition will result in La Ballenia; a high exposition will result in Keiji.

Both are interesting, although La Ballenia is by far the most profitable. Therefore, I would make a save at level 19 so you can experience both.

Gang deliveries take a while. 10 in game days or so. Therefore, treat this as a side bonus and not your main income source.

La Ballenia

La Ballenia specializes in coke. They are willing to accept a 76/24 mix of Sugar & Coke, so no reason to do anything different. IF you really want to min/max you could do a weedmix, but personally, that’s too much work.

Upon receiving the phone call from Eddie to meet La Ballenia, you will be in a semi-God mode where cops will not stop you for anything. However, you will not receive any additional orders until the encounter has finished. Therefore, I would highly recommend making sure you have a full set of orders before accepting the phone call once you hit level 20.


Keiji specializes in crystal meth. It’s alot of work for not that much profit. I personally havent tested them out too much, and it has been a while since my Keiji playthrough. However, I believe they are willing to accept a 60% purity product. You’ll just have to save scum to find out what to min/max.

Unlike La Ballenia, there is no special semi-God mode to avoid the cops here. Just a normal meeting and cutscene.

Sector C

Sector C is by far the best sector in the game. Here is where all your money will be made, so learn the area because there’s cameras in inconvenient places.

There is another furniture store unlocked here. It sells safes, which you will need. Be sure to put a safe in a safehouse within each area you have a dealer present. Then choose the option for it to be a drop off point. From here on out, dealers in the area will automatically drop the money in the safe so it saves you having to pick it up individually.

Sector C customers will be buying up all your coke and heroin. They also buy some amp occasionally, so make sure you also stock that in your Sector C main safehouse.

Besides that, there’s not too much to say other than you’re gonna spend most of your playthrough here once you’ve unlocked it. There’s nothing like a level 10 dealer ordering 200+g of coke or heroin.

End Game

This is the final section of the guide; after this, the game is pretty straightforward. As this is a main part of the game, I will try to walk through the main points and prepare you without giving too much away, so I will try to be vague while providing tips you will need.

End Game content starts once you are level 25, have unlocked the Psychedelic gang, chosen either La Ballenia or Keiji, and Eddie isnt standing outside waiting to be paid. Once unlocked, you will get a phone call from Eddie. After this phone call, you will no longer be able to purchase drugs from Eddie. Therefore, I recommend running the debt up as much as you wish to get a good stockpile of everything you think you will need for at least a few days (you won’t have to pay it back). As a sidenote: your debt limit increases each time you level up.

You will need to have 100g of pure Meth in storage to complete the quest.

(Either that or frantically have to setup a production lab for meth and wait for 100g)

The first part is pretty basic. Just go around and find the dead bodies that are marked.

Next, you’ll speak to a new vendor who will eventually unlock some expensive furniture for your new home that you will build in the future.

Following this are a couple steps:

  • The concrete can be bought at the construction site in Sector C
  • The secret meeting is in the back of the Supermarket in Sector A
  • You will need that 100g of pure meth for Twin Towers in Sector A

After that is all done. You will return back to your original safehouse and enter one of your neighbor’s apartments. Following that, you will get a final phone call from Eddie completing the quest and story.

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