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We have put together a compilation of tips, secrets and tricks for Euro Truck Simulator 2 to help you navigate the roads of Europe. The mechanics of the game are really simple: you just have to pick up the merchandise and drop it off at a point that they tell you. At the beginning of the game they will allow you to choose the avatar of the trucker and the logo of your company.

If this is your first time playing the game, we highly recommend playing the tutorial level: you don’t want to deliver your merchandise late and disappoint your employers, right? We also recommend that you activate the GPS on the left so as not to get lost on the roads, at least at the beginning.


/ fix

Used to fix your truck when a trailer is attached.

/ c (lear)

It is used to clear the chat history.

/ blockpm

Used to block / unblock private messages.

/ cest-time

Show current server time (CEST)

/ pm [id] [message]

It is used to send a private message to whoever has the server ID provided at the time.

/ r (eply)

Used to reply to the player who sent the most recent private message.

/ p (layers)

It is used to show how many players are on the server.

/ pinfo [id]

It is used to obtain the user information of a specific player: useful for reports on the website.

/ channel [id]

It is used to change the channels of the CB Radio Station (0 = Off).

/ time

Shows current server time (UTC)

/ s (earch) [name]

Used to search for players with [name] within their name.

/ server

Show information about current server

/ s (earch) t (ag) [name]

Used to find players with [name] within their tag.

/ h (elp)

It is used to display all available commands.

/ t (oggle-) g (roup)

Used to hide your group name and color (Patreon users only)

/ tfm-dj

You get the current presenter / DJ on TruckersFM.

/ tfm-request [message]

Submit a song request to TruckersFM.

/ tfm- shoutout [message]

Send a thank you message to TruckersFM.

/ tfm- traffic [message]

Send a traffic report message to TruckersFM.

/ tfm-currentsong

Gets the current song playing on TruckersFM.

/ tfm- lastsong

Get the last song played on TruckersFM.

Keyboard Shortcuts


Used to change to a lower CB channel.


Used to switch to a higher CB channel.


Used to open the chat, use [ENTER] to send your message.


Used to activate CB radio (voice chat), release to stop talking.


It is used to show nearby players, report, settings and previous players.


Used to disable chat.


Used to disable name tags and the [TAB] menu.

Starting a New Game

Our first goal is to get your own truck. Having a little cash on hand won’t hurt either. Since you don’t have a truck yet, the only thing you can do is Quick Jobs. Try to choose jobs that start or end in cities that you have not visited before, although, of course, those missions with the best rewards will always be a priority.

When you drive through the city, always pass in front of those points that have a? on the map / GPS. This will allow you to access recruiting agencies and truck dealers. When you level up, assign points as you feel more comfortable. We have seen that the most important skills, in order from highest to lowest, are:

  • ADR
  • Long distance
  • High Value Cargo
  • Fragile Cargo
  • Just-in time delivery
  • Ecodriving

Skill Order to Assign

We recommend the following order in terms of assigning skill points:

  • 1 = First 4 Points for Long Distance – Jobs that require these four points can usually be completed with just one stop.
  • 2 = 1 point in Fragile Cargo: we put only one to open up the possibility of accessing these jobs.
  • 3 = 1 rank in High Value Cargo: same as above.
  • 4 = 3 points in ADR: make explosives (class 1) and flammable liquids (class 3) your priority.
  • 5 = 1 new point in Fragile Cargo
  • 6 = 1 point in High Value Cargo
  • 7= 1 point in Just in Time that will open access to the best orders
  • 8 = 3 points in ADR
  • 10 = The last two points in long distance: Keep in mind that you will start to see other jobs that require multiple stops.
  • 11 = 1 point in Fragile Cargo
  • 12 = 1 point in High Value Cargo
  • One point in Just-in-Time: you will open the option to work with urgent shipments.
  • 13 = 4 points in Just – In – Time
  • 14 = 6 points in Ecodriving
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