Expansion Core – Guide to Getting Credits and Researching Blueprints

Credits are used to buy blueprints and add slots to cores. This guide will go through methods of earning Credits so you can spend them. Also this guide explaining the process of how to gain the ability to research and how to go through the tiers of research.

Getting Credits and Researching Blueprints


Trading is the main method of getting Credits. To trade, you must have completed a Beacon and opened up the trade menu by accessing the completed Beacon. From there, you fuel the Beacon with energy (typically Energy Fragments, but you can also use Refined Energy and Crystal Shards).

Once fueled, you can call down a Trade Pod. Each size of trade pod increases the amount of goods that can be sold at once as well as the value of each good being sold, but be warned it also increases the difficulty of the trading operation.

Once you call down a Trade Pod, you may fill it up with items that you want to sell by accessing its storage. Once you are satisfied with how many items you have in it, you can access its controls by interacting with any of the other sides of the Trade Pod that aren’t storage.

Finally, you can start the Trade event. You must defend the Trade Pod from waves of enemies while it charges up its engines. Note that the more damaged the Pod gets, the less value you will receive from your items. Once the Trade event is complete, the Pod will shoot up into the air and the player will receive their Credits.

Calling Down HUBs from Beacons

Every time that a Beacon is completed, depending on the difficulty, you receive some credits. The difficulty is based on the biome that the Beacon is in, as well as a difficulty value that is based on how many waves and enemies spawn during the HUB event. On average, completing a Beacon gives the player 50-100 Credits.


Some quests have rewards of Credits. This isn’t the most reliable method at the moment since there aren’t many quests in the game at the moment.

Researching Blueprints

Researching in the game is currently very simple. To start Researching, you must build the Small Research Station structure. From there, you can access it and spend Credits to purchase new blueprints.

To gain access to more Blueprints, you must build the Small Research Bot. From there, you can access the next tier of Blueprints. This continues up to the Medium Research Bot at the moment.

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