Expansion Core – Crafting Guide

A basic document detailing the various methods of crafting items, including simple crafting, smelting, blasting and refining in Expansion Core.

Guide to Crafting

Simple Crafting

The crafting menu can be opened (defaulted to ‘Tab’ ‘I’ and ‘C’) to display all current available recipes. Recipes can be clicked to show their required materials. If you have the required materials in your inventory, the Craft button should be enabled.


Smelting is the process of taking one item and cooking it into another item. Furnaces come in various forms, but there are three main furnace types: Structures, Allies and Modules. The first furnace that the player can make are either the Small Furnace under the Structure tab, or the Small Furnace Module, that can be added when the Mobile Base is set up.

Once you have a furnace, simply transfer (‘T’ as a shortcut) the item you want to cook into the furnace and add some fuel (‘F’ as a shortcut). There are many items that can be cooked and used as fuel. Below, is a list of recipes that are currently in the game.


  • Logs -> Charcoal
  • Copper Ore -> Copper Bar
  • Iron Ore -> Iron Bar
  • Scrap Metal -> Copper Bar
  • Armor Plate -> Iron Bar


  • Branches, Logs, Charcoal, Coal, Scorched Wood, Energy Fragments, Refined Energy and Crystal Shards.


Blasting is a high tier method of taking two items and combining them via high temperatures. There is currently only two methods of blasting in the game; A structure that can be researched, and a unique blueprint that can be found in the world. The fuel source for the blasting furnace is the same as a normal furnace.

Once you have a method of blasting, it’s much like smelting, requiring a fuel source and a recipe.

There is currently only one recipe in game:

  • Iron Bar + Coal -> Steel Bar


Refining is a high-tier method of item conversion in the game. It’s done through a refinery, the only one currently being the Small Refinery structure, which can be obtained via research. The refinery takes fuel just like a furnace.

The current recipes for the refinery are as follows:

  • Energy Fragment + Energy Fragment = Refined Energy
  • Refined Energy + Refined Energy = Crystal Shard
  • Coal + Energy Fragment = Refined Carbon
  • Unrefined Oil + Ice Crystal = Refined Oil
  • Frostbark + Frostbark = Ice Crystal
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