Expansion Core – Guide to Upgrading the Mobile Base

All about why and how you can upgrade your first, and most important Ally; the Mobile Base.

Upgrading the Mobile Base

Why Upgrade?

Upgrading the Mobile Base has four main benefits:

  • Increases the Mobile Base’s stats, including its health, damage and AOE of protection.
  • Adds one of each slot to the Mobile Base’s Core, which allows you to equip more Upgrades.
  • Adds one of each slot to the Player’s Core. Note that this is the only way to increase the Player’s Core slots.
  • Adds more Module Slots to the Mobile Base, including larger sized slots, which allow for more complex structures to be placed on the Mobile Base.

How to Upgrade the Mobile Base

To upgrade the Mobile Base, make sure that the Mobile Base is set up. From there, access it and there will be a large ‘Upgrade’ button at the bottom of the UI. Hitting that button will create a Stockpile for the Upgrade. From there, much like building a bot or a structure, add items to the Stockpile and then finish the construction.

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