Expansion Core – Cores and Upgrades Guide

A guide all about Cores and Upgrades.

Guide to Cores and Upgrades


Cores are the brain of all Allies in Expansion Core. An Ally without a Core can not be upgraded and improved. Cores can be ejected and placed into other Allies. Both the Player and the Mobile Base have unique Cores that cannot be transferred.

Cores have a set amount of Upgrade Slots. These slots come in four varieties:

  • (Red) Structure: Things like Health and Damage
  • (Blue) Efficiency: Things like Power
  • (Yellow) Speed: Things like Attack speed and Movement Speed
  • (Green) Utility: Things like Inventory Space and Follower Limit

Cores may have their amount of slots increased by holding them in your hand and accessing a completed Beacon. From there, you may select a slot and pay some Credits to add a new slot. Note that the cost of adding slots increases for every slot added to the Core.


Upgrades are used to slot into Cores to upgrade the Ally that they’re attached to. Each Upgrade has a set amount of required slots that correspond to Cores slots. For example, an Upgrade that takes 2 Red and 1 Blue slot would fit in a Core that has 2 empty Red slots and 1 empty Blue slot, but not a Core that has only 1 Red slot empty.

Upgrades can be equipped and removed freely, but note that the Allies’ stats will update automatically. For instance, if you’ve upgraded a Storage bot to have more inventory slots, then remove the Upgrade, excess items will be dropped automatically (and sometimes explosively if enough are dropped at once).

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