Genshin Impact – Precious Chest Guide (Enkanomiya)

Precious Chest Guide / Genshin Enkanomiya

For this big Chest you need to obtain a key. The big chest in Question:

There is going to be a lot of pictures for those who learn visually. I will explain everything as good as I can.

First, you need to go to this location.

How to get there?

All you need to do is go to this spot where I am on the map. Jump down and stay more on the right side.

If you‘ve done this correctly you‘re going to find 3 mechanisms that look like this. There is sadly no mechanism to change the lighting nearby. These Mechanisms will automatically stop when you got the right placement.

After you‘ve solved the puzzle you need to go to the left (since there is a broken gate that you can not enter). You‘re going to find a light wall.

There is a light changer nearby, look ago the left and you‘re going to find it.

After you go trough the wall there is going to be a few steps, continue to follow them.

There is going to be a ghost (their name is Adonis) and a common chest. First, go to the common chest ans collect it. Then, push the lever down to unlock the gate. If you still did not get the key look for something to investigate near the ghost. The ghost itself is not important. It‘s going to tell you to leave.

And you‘ll leave! Fun fact haha… Because you‘re going to this location.

Go to the teleporter that’s shown on the screenshot.

And then to the marker I put down.

The location will look like this!

Jump down, you‘re going to find a wall. Unlock that wall with the key you obtained from before.

There‘s going to be 2 explosives, destroy them.

Now there is a mechanism, go on and solve it.

After you‘ve solved the puzzle you‘re next location should look like this:

Swim in the water until you see the chest (just a few Meter of swimming) and tadaaa you got it!

Now you should see the chest!

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