HELLDIVERS 2 – Beginners Tips and Tricks

Random Tips and Tricks for Newbies

Note: Credit goes to jkenney9277

  • You can shift shoulder perspectives with the side button on your mouse.
  • Holding R allows you to change fire modes and turn on your flashlight
  • Z allows you to prone without jumping.
  • If you get ragdolled or die holding a stratagem beacon it will fall and still call in.
  • Stratagem beacons can stick to bugs, bots and players, so don’t stick your friend with a resupply.
  • Calling in a support weapon or resupply on a bug hole will close it. Reinforcing on top of it will also do that.
  • You don’t need eagles to blow up robot factories. there is a tiny vent or two on the roof . A single grenade in that will blow the factory up.
  • Light armor makes you run faster and use a little less stamina and it could save your life. At least until armor values are fixed.
  • Stalkers attack from the direction of the nest so follow that and take them out ASAP.
  • There’s little glowing yellow beacons dotted throughout the map. They have good drops like battle pass medal and premium currency, so you should make finding those a priority every mission.

Common samples are more important than you may initially think. They are a vial icon on the map if someone dies and drops them. You should be making an effort to always collect that vial from the body as well as just grabbing the ones in the mission in general . These are shared by the team and everyone gets them , but only if you extract holding them. So it’s a group effort to collect them and get them to the extraction

And remember, Super Earth comes first so it’s okay to rain liberty down on a teammate if it eliminates the enemy. Just make sure not to do it too often.

  1. This is a team game! It means you play as a team with your fellow Helldivers! Too many rookies think they can run off and do their own thing, but that’s a good way to end your life faster than normal! Stay with your team, work with them.
  2. There is more to the map than the objectives! There is so much more to loot and extract. There might be abandoned buildings or ruins for you to scavenge supplies from, and scientific samples for you to bring home to advance our knowledge and your ships abilities.
  3. Most loot is SHARED. There is no reason to act like an undemocratic bug or robot and kill your teammates just for a medal. The only thing that isn’t shared is ammo, grenades, and stims. Samples will need to be carried safely to the ship, but once you grab a medal or money, that stays with you even if you fail!
  4. Scouts do not need to be engaged! You can walk around them to save on time! If you do wind up engaging a scouting party, try to kill them swiftly. If you see a bug spewing orange filth from it’s back or a robot reaching for the sky with a red beam of light in its hands, they are trying to call for reinforcements! Kill them swiftly and you can interrupt those calls.
  5. Most weapons have different modes! Hold R and you can see these different modes.
  6. Do not be afraid to move slowly through the difficulty levels! No need for a rookie to try to play on hard mode without any weapons or support to their name! Experiment with weapons and drop combinations, gather supplies, and enjoy the experience of bug and bot murdering!

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