DAVE THE DIVER – How to Find/Get the Runaway Seahorses

Where specifically to find each seahorse in the sea people village.

Guide to Find/Get the Runaway Seahorses

Bug Net

To be able to catch the seahorses, you have to complete the “Reticent Girl” quest, which unlocks the bug net.

An NPC named Lichen (found in the arcade) will give you this quest.

Hedgehog Seahorse

(I apologize for the bad quality) The first, and arguably the easiest to find seahorse is the hedgehog seahorse. It is outside, between the Seed Shop and the Restaurant.

The seahorse should have a blue diamond over its head, but this area is kind of colorful so it can be hard to see.

Dwarf Seahorse

The Dwarf Seahorse is a little confusing, but its very close to the hedgehog one.

All you have to do is go inside the seed shop!

Giraffe Seahorse

The Giraffe Seahorse is relatively easy to find. It is usually towards the left of the portal, but because this area is open it can float to the top or right of the portal.

Crowned Seahorse

To get to the top section of the village, you have to use the portal right next to where you found the Giraffe Seahorse.

Then, you should be able to find the seahorse inside of Tenzhin’s House. This is the same place where you should have talked to the King earlier.

Rewards (Spoilers!)

To complete this quest, you must return to Linchen in the Arcade (via the portal).

You will then unlock the Seahorse Racing Minigame (one of my personal favorites)!

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