Honkai: Star Rail – How to Build Tingyun / Infographic Guide (Version 1.1)

Tingyun Infographic Guide

Tingyun is an amazing support and quite versatile as well.

In this Infographic guide you will see our recommended builds.

Although as she is versatile, you might need to adjust her build depending on the team you are using her and the available light cones you have.

For example if you have no **** in the team, such as Gepard or Fire MC, then the “****” build might suit you best, as she has quite a high aggro value.

She synergises incredibly well with Yanqing and/or Jing Yuan and can maintain a net positive skill point rotation. For Jing Yuan specifically, the ‘Planetary Rendezvous’ light cone is a better option as it will further boost his damage output. ‘Mashing Cogs’ is a great alternative option, enabling you to fully recharge your Ulty every 3 turns.

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