Honkai: Star Rail – Understand Energy and Energy Regen Mechanics

Having Trouble Using Your Ultimate? Understand Energy and Energy Regen Mechanics in 2 Mins

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Energy Regeneration Rate is a relatively rare stat in games. Because only one specific Relic main slot can have this as a main stat, and the chance of obtaining it is low.

So, what benefits does this rare stat bring to our characters? Let’s dive in.

Energy Regen Mechanics and Usage

Energy Regeneration Rate is a stat that is closely tied to the Ultimate of a character. When a character’s Energy is fully charged, they can unleash their Ultimate. The base Energy Regeneration Rate for all characters is 100%. So why do some characters charge their energy faster than others? It’s because each character’s Ultimate requires a different amount of Energy.

For example, March 7th has an energy limit of 120, while Natasha has 90. Therefore, with the same Energy Regeneration Rate, Natasha can fill up her energy more quickly.

Primary Ways to Gain Energy in Battle

In battle, you can obtain energy through various actions such as Basic Attacks, Skills, and Ultimate, etc.

  • Basic ATK: 20 Energy
  • Skill: 30 Energy
  • Ultimate: 5 Energy
  • Defeat an enemy: 10 Energy
  • Taking single-target DMG: 10 Energy
  • Taking AoE DMG: 5 Energy

The Energy regenerated from character’s follow-up attacks varies and is typically between 5 to 10 Energy.

The above values are based on a 100% Energy Regeneration Rate. In actual battles, various factors such as Trace, Eidolons, Light Cone, and Relic stats can affect the rate. Therefore, the actual rate may vary.

How to Improve Energy Regeneration Rate

Light Cone: Many Light Cones can enhance Energy Regen. For example, the free 4-star Light Cone “Before the Tutorial Mission Starts” from the Silver Wolf Event can restore 8 Energy to the equipped character each turn. And the Abundance Light Cone, Post-Op Conversation, can enhance the wearer’s Energy Regeneration Rate by 16%.

Relic: The Link Rope can roll the Energy Regeneration Rate stat, but the chances of obtaining it are quite low. If luck is not on your side, you might not see one for a week or two.

Is it worth farming for this main stat despite its difficulty to obtain? The answer is yes, it is crucial to farm for it. Support characters like Bronya and Tingyun heavily rely on it to increase the coverage of their Ultimate buffs. If the Energy falls behind, it will impact the entire team’s output cycle. Therefore, even if it’s challenging to obtain, it is necessary to farm for it.

Eidolons & Trace: Some characters’ Trace has stats related to Energy Regen. For example, the Bonus Ability unlocked at Ascension 6 for Tingyun provides 5 Energy to Tengyun at the start of each turn.

Some Eidolons also have similar stats, such as Silver Wolf’s E1 and Natasha’s E4.

Which Types of Characters Rely More on Energy Regeneration Rate

In the current version, most of the characters that require Energy Regeneration Rate are primarily Support characters. They have their Ultimate as their buff skills and need to reserve Skill Points for the main DPS. Therefore, after using their Skills, they usually need to rely on Basic Attacks for 1 to 2 turns.

Basic Attacks consume 10 less Energy compared to Skills. To ensure that the Ultimate can be used when needed, they rely on Energy Regeneration Rate to optimize their own cycle.

For example, Tingyun heavily relies on Energy Regen. Her Ultimate requires 130 Energy.

To ensure a stable release of the Ultimate within 3 turns, you need to equip the Energy Regeneration Rate Link (Sprightly Vonwacq) after Ascension 6, along with the Meshing Cogs Light Cone. This combination allows for a stable full energy state within 3 turns (1 Skill and 2 Basic Attacks). However, the cost is that the base ATK of the 3-star Light Cone is generally low, which will reduce Tingyun’s overall ATK. Therefore, there is a high demand for ATK sub-stats, and the specific choice depends on personal preference.

As for Asta and Bronya, they don’t have any concerns about stats when it comes to Relics. Since Asta and Bronya’s DMG buff doesn’t rely on their own ATK, they can focus on stacking Energy Regen Rate to improve the coverage of their Ultimate and increase the consistent output damage of the team.

The Abundance is the second type of character that heavily rely on Energy Regen. Their Ultimate ensures the team’s output environment. While it may not be necessary all the time, it’s crucial to have it when needed.

Fortunately, there are more Light Cone choices for the Abundance characters compared to the Harmony. Including “Quid Pro Quo,” which makes it easier to stack Energy Regen Rate.

Now, some of you might have a question: Isn’t the main DPS not in need of Energy Regen Rate? In reality, even the main DPS requires it, but most of the team’s Skill Points are allocated to the main DPS, and they are usually the character that easily eliminates enemies. They have two additional ways to recover Energy compared to support characters. Therefore, in practical battles, the main DPS is not as reliant on Energy Regen as the support role.

Fun fact: When Tingyun’s Ultimate restores Energy to teammates, the amount of Energy restored is not affected by Energy Regeneration Rate. So, those who want to equip Tingyun with Energy Regeneration Rate Link could stop wasting Trailblaze Power.

That’s all about the Energy Regen mechanics. Thank you for reading. If you enjoyed this e-p-i-s-ode, please give it a like. I wish you can get a 5-Star in 10 pulls.

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