Kenshi – Cat Crawlers Rules Guide

This is a short guide that will teach you the rules of the betting game, Cat Crawlers.

Guide to Cat Crawlers Rules


Cat Crawlers is a gambling game created by the Swamp’s Bosses. It essentially a game of “Higher or Lower”, but with a lot of confusing fluff mixed into the real game. Obviously this is a tactic the Bosses use to confuse and drain bar goers pockets, but a little simple knowledge of this game’s true mechanics and you can game the system and make bank.

You may play Cat Crawlers by travelling to the Swamps and finding a bar run by the Bosses. The town I learned this game in is called Mud Town, it’s small and safe, so you may want to start there.

Rules of the Game

It’s pretty simple once you know what you’re doing.

There are many “fluff” phrases and slangs used in the game to confuse you, below I will list the “real” phrases of the game. These are the only things you need to pay attention to.

Betting Phrases

  1. Wolf Tail
  2. Buxom Red
  3. Chubby Nine
  4. Stone Roller
  5. Hungry Gutter
  6. Arrow in the Neck
  7. Plank

Mechanic Phrases

  1. Fish
  2. Roll Out
  3. Licked It

Above is a list of 7 “Betting Phrases”, those are the main part of the game. As I said before, this is a game of “Higher or Lower”. You are trying to guess whether the next phrases rolled will be higher or lower on the list.

  • Choosing to “Fish” means you think the next phrase rolled will be lower on the list.
  • Choosing to “Roll Out” means you think the next phrase rolled will be higher on the list.

For example:

If the Dealer says you have a “Buxom Red”, and you choose to “Fish”, chances are you will win. Because Buxom Red is near the top of the list, there is only a 1/6 chance to lose, and a 5/6 chance to win.

If the Dealer says you have a “Hungry Gutter”, and you choose to “Fish”, chances are you will lose, but not by much. Since Hungry Gutter is near the middle, there is a 2/6 chance you will win, and a 4/6 chance you will lose.

There is no guaranteed way to win, unless you get a Wolf Tail or Plank. However, with this knowledge, you can make thousands of Cats with relative ease. Just make sure not to accrue any debt, you wouldn’t want to become a slave to the Bosses now…

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