Kenshi – How to Fix Font Size

If you have ever changed the size of the font in the Kenshi then you have probably noticed that once you relaunch the game the font size setting resets, and the slider doesn’t work anymore, and in some cases the font becomes so small that its impossible to read it.

Font Size Fix Guide

To fix this you have to go to Kenshi\data\gui\fonts and open kenshi_fonts.xml make sure to create a backup copy.

Search for:

<Property key="Size" value="14"/>

You will see different values, now add + 10 to each of them, except to the ones that have a value of over 100

For example

<Property key="Size" value="14"/> change to <Property key="Size" value="24"/>
<Property key="Size" value="16"/> change to <Property key="Size" value="26"/>

Do not change

<Property key="Size" value="150"/> and <Property key="Size" value="110"/>

Save the file and once you relaunch the game you will see that the size of the fonts have changed. The +10 value can be modified, if you want even bigger font you should use max +16 just be warned that some of the text will be too large for the ui.

If you want a smaller font then use a value less than +10.

Works with vanilla, and for dark ui as well, and it should work for for any mod that changes the font style.

Created by pepeneo

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