Necromunda: Hired Gun – New Allies Achievement / Trophy Guide

How to Get New Allies Achievement / Trophy

New Allies: Fill one faction bar.

To unlock this achievement you have to fill out an entire bar for a faction. You unlock side missions after you have done mission 2. You can pick side missions at the same place where you can pick your main missions. There are multiple factions so pick one you like. (doesn’t matter really who you pick) and then pick a mission. You have three types of missions, B (which is the easiest) A (Which is difficult) and S (which is even more difficult BUT you get a much better reward and loot). But for the sake of the achievement you’ll just do B missions. Be warned though just because it’s B doesn’t mean it’s a cake walk. Hope this helps!

In case there are no missions for your faction on the b list, press y to refresh so you get new missions keep refreshing until you find a mission for your faction!

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