New World – Weapon XP Farming

So in this guide I’ll show one of the best places, where you can lvl up fast ur character and get tons of weapon XP.

The place is called “lifering” and in this guide I hope you will get everything you need to know.

  • Place
  • Drops
  • How To Join Here
  • XP Booster
  • Screenshots


It’s located in edengrove here’s a screenshot.

Exact Location

Edengrove – lifering elite place if you wanna join type +lifering in chat.

Weapon XP Booster

So yeah, about booster. This thing is very helpful especially when farming xp I totally recommend this (ofc if you have one) to use it right here in this place. (be sure that you have enough people to clear this place without any problems) the amount of xp that you can obtain in here is just amazing.


So yeah about drops, there’s so much drops in here (most healing potions, mana potions, regeneration portions, season trial key, and legendary named items) if you are here because of the drops you can mainly focus on getting “lifering spear” because of her perks (keenly jagged & vicious) it’s and epic named but if you drop it you can craft it in gypsum orb to make a fully bis spear it’s the same as syncretic bow) I heard that the lifering ring or amulet are really good too.

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