New World – How to Get and Upgrade Your Azoth Staff

In New World, this is a guide to obtaining the Azoth Staff. Continue reading to find out how to obtain and upgrade the Azoth Staff!

Azoth Staff Guide

What is the Azoth Staff?

The Azoth Staff is a crucial component for New World’s Corruption Breaches to be closed. Before they can fully enjoy Aeternum’s various PvE events, players will need this tool.


Before we get into the quests for obtaining the Azoth Staff, there are a few things you’ll need. If you don’t, you’ll run into a snag while attempting to obtain this weapon, making the quest chain even more difficult. You’ll require the following items:

  • 5 Silver Ingots
  • 3 Water
  • 3 Petalcap
  • 3 Rivercress Stem

To obtain these resources in the wild, you’ll need a Mining skill of 20 and a Harvesting skill of 30. Consider purchasing these materials from a Trading Post if you don’t meet these requirements.

The final quest in this quest chain also requires you to be level 23, though anyone between 19 and 20 will suffice.

How to Get Azoth Staff

The Azoth Staff is obtained by completing the quest “Forge Your Azoth Staff,” which is part of the main story. Each member of the staff is acquired much earlier in the main story, which explains the prerequisites we mentioned earlier. The Azoth Staff is obtained through eight main story missions:

  • The First Component
  • The Living Seed
  • Adiana’s Fountain
  • Weakness of the Ego
  • Plains of the Pestilent
  • Nature’s Gift
  • Argent and Aether
  • Forge Your Azoth Staff

Even though there are eight quests, half of them involve talking to NPCs in specific areas of the map. The First Component, Adiana’s Fountain, Weakness of the Ego, and Argent and Ather are all quests related to the Azoth Staff.

The First Component

  • Location: Traitor’s Hold (Monarch’s Bluffs)
  • Quest Steps:
    • Delve into Traitor’s Hold to get the Haft for your Azoth Staff.

By speaking with Yonas Alazar, the Windsward fisherman, you can learn that a piece of the Azoth Staff can be found at Traitor’s Hold, a pirate bay in the northern corner of Monarch’s Bluffs. Climb up one of the rock walls to find a chest containing the staff piece after entering the cave. To complete the quest, return to the fisherman. He’ll point you in the direction of a woman in Everfall who can assist you in charging the staff with Azoth.

Adiana’s Fountain

  • Location: Canary Mine (Everfall)
  • Quest Steps:
    • Destroy 3 Corrupted Tendrils.
    • Destroy 2 Clotting Carapaces.

A source of corruption appears to be blocking Adiana’s Azoth Fountain. She’ll ask you to clear out the Canary Mine, which is just west of her location. Three Corrupted Tendrils and two Clotting Carapaces must be destroyed. If you’re underleveled, the Tendrils are extremely dangerous, so use a ranged weapon to deal with them. Clotting Carapaces are the black and red orbs that can be found in the mine’s middle. When they’re hit, they don’t retaliate, but when they’re destroyed, they explode. Take care. When you’re finished, go back to Adriana.

Weakness Of The Ego

  • Location: Everfall
  • Quest Steps:
    • Craft 3 Corruption Tinctures
      • Acquire 3 Water
      • Acquire 3 Petalcap
      • Acquire 3 Rivercress Stem

Remember the material requirements we mentioned at the beginning of this guide? You’ll need them for this and the following quests. Adriana will require three Corruption Tinctures from you. These potions can be made at any settlement’s Arcane Repository. To make it, you’ll need three Water, Petalcaps, and Rivercress Stems.

  • Water: Harvest from any body of water
  • Petalcaps: Head to the northern end of First Light and look for a river.
  • Rivercress Stems: Grows near rivers. Common in Everfall and Windsward.

Argent And Ather

  • Location: Amrine Temple (Windsward)
  • Quest Steps:
    • Visit the Amrine Temple.
    • Use 5 Silver Ingots to craft the Azoth Staff Crosspiece.

To complete this quest, you’ll need five Silver Ingots. If you don’t have a mining skill of 20 or higher, you can buy Silver from any settlement’s Trading Post. Go to the Amrine Temple in Windsward’s northeast corner. The forge will be guarded by Ezra, The Forgemaster, a miniboss. If you’re under level 20, the boss is fairly difficult, so consider teaming up with someone to make the fight easier. After you’ve killed the skeleton boss, go to the nearby forge and make the staff crosspiece.

Forge Your Azoth Staff

  • Location: Shattered Obelisk (Everfall)
  • Quest Steps:
    • Forge your Azoth Staff.

The Shattered Obelisk can be found southeast of Everfall’s main settlement. To forge the staff, enter the obelisk from the southern entrance. To complete the quest chain, speak with the fisherman in Windsward. Make sure you have the Azoth Staff equipped so you can use it.

How to Upgrade The Azoth Staff

The Azoth Staff, like the rest of your New World items, has tiers that you can improve by progressing through the game’s main story. The following quest will allow you to unlock each tier:

TierQuestRecommended Level
Tier 1Forge Your Azoth Staff23
Tier 2Covenant Commitment29
Tier 3The Alliance38
Tier 4Race for the Box50
Tier 5The Tempest’s Heart60
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