Ori and the Will of the Wisps – How to Get Double Jump

Being able to Double Jump in Ori and the Will of the Wisps will make traversing the game’s many different areas significantly easier. When you start the game, you won’t have this move though. This guide will explain how to get the Double Jump ability.

How to Get Double Jump

  • When you first meet Tokk, they’ll give you your first quest: The Missing Key. He tells you that you need two keystones to open the Keygate to the east — he gives you one and tells you the other is in a nearby cave.
  • Head left and drop down the branch to find a Life Cell and a Spirit Light container. Hop back up and continue west. Follow the path downward (you’ll need to jump from wall to wall over the thorns) and grab the Life Cell at the bottom. Continue down and attack the east wall with your torch to reveal a hidden Spirit Light Container.
  • Now, head left and a new dog-like enemy will enclose you in a small corridor. Defeat the enemy to open the gate blocking you from the area pictured below.
  • At the waterfall, the game will explain to you that Ori and cling to blue moss automatically. So hop up and begin climbing. When you’re on flat ground again, don’t bother going left — there’s nothing there at the moment except for a small enemy to defeat. Instead follow the blue moss path upward and go left when you can to find the keystone you’re looking for.
  • Follow the blue moss east and you’ll end up back on the path you previously took to find the keystone. Continue east to make it back to Tokk. Tell them that you found the keystone to complete The Missing Key quest.
  • Now, let’s head east to the keystone gate and open it with the two new keystones.
  • Continue right until a wolf attacks. Don’t try to fight this wolf. Instead, immediately begin running right until you reach a fire. Grab a torch here and prepare for a small boss fight. Basically, hit the wolf with the torch and then jump to the right side of the arena. Rinse and repeat until their health bar is about halfway done and they’ll run off.
  • With that out of the way, we can continue our journey through the Inkwater Marsh. We’re going to continue left until there’s a drop you can go down. Don’t do that yet. Instead, hop to the left side and pick up the Spirit Light Container. From here, drop down and you’ll enter the Howl’s Den.
  • If you head left, you’ll find a keystone gate you can’t yet open so head right. Keep going until a cinematic begins. Once it’s over, you’ll receive the Spirit Edge.
  • With this new weapon, you can slash at enemies and take them out. Head right, defeat the enemy, climb up the tree and defeat the two enemies to the left. One of them will likely drop the Energy Orb, which helps restore Ori’s energy.
  • Hop left to hit a tree and bounce off of it to climb upward. Defeat the dog-like enemy here and attack the branches to the right to find a hidden Magnet.
  • Continue left and you’ll be given your next quest: Guardian of the Marsh. To complete this quest, you must travel to Kwolok’s Hollow to the east. First though, let’s head west until you reach a branch you can fall through. Follow this path downward until you can reach the bottom and then go right to find your first Spirit Well. You can save the game here and warp to other Spirit Wells (although you won’t be able to do that just yet because there aren’t any other Spirit Wells for you to warp to).
  • From here, go left. Use the boulder leaning on the small cliff to get across the previously unpassable cliff (you’ll need to press RT to move the boulder across the log held up by vines). Then, continue left and drop down when you can. If you continue to follow the downward path, you’ll realize you can’t cross the thorny section. Instead, head back up and left to reach a mini-boss corridor with three enemies to defeat.
  • If you continue left, drop down and grab the hidden Spirit Light Container behind the east wall. Then, we’re going to continue down so take the right path leading downward. As you can see, this is the other side of the path in the paragraph above that we mentioned with the thorny section you can’t cross. With that out of the way, head back from where you came and this time, take the left path. You’ll find another spirit tree here that will give you Double Jump.

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