Oxygen Not Included – Early Power Tips

Early Power

Note: Credit goes to umop-apisdn

Ranch hatches. A full stable (96 tiles, 8 hatches) will produce 560 kg of coal per cycle, if kept groomed and fed, as well as producing 1.3 eggs per cycle (on average), which is equivalent to 5,200 kcals of barbecue per cycle.

Diving deeper, feed your hatches sedimentary rock to get them to produce stone hatch eggs. Stone hatches can eat igneous rock, which can be acquired by cooling magma, making them an effectively infinitely renewable resource.

On the other side of the equation, be sure to attach your coal generators to smart batteries, so you can turn them off when the batteries are full.

All of that being said, coal is pretty much an early-game power solution; you’ll want to get into more complex solutions such as hydrogen, natural gas, solar, and petroleum as you progress toward mid/late game.

As an aside, “lighting it on fire” isn’t usually the best use of any resource; in the case of coal, you’ll be wanting to use it in your kilns to make ceramic and refined carbon, and the refined carbon is then combined with iron and lime to make steel. If you burn it all up, you’re limiting and/or removing your ability to use it in more creative ways later.

What little [coal] you can produce in a hatch farm…

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