Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous – The Enigma Puzzle Solutions

The Enigma Puzzle Guide

Top right wing puzzle (click the same symbols):

Put Blue Binding Source on Dried-Up Magic Spring to unlock doors. (can be removed after the door is opened).

Fill the Dried-Up Magic Springs, then press the 2 buttons in Forbidden Chamber to unlock the middle door in this chamber. (get Green Binding Source).

Bottom right wing arrow puzzle: 

Green/Red symbols puzzle:

Top right wing second same symbol puzzle:

Areshkagal statue Riddle: “I reject …” “I shall forget …” “Oh, great Areshkagal!” “I shall become…” “Put your meaning…” “I am nothing …” then pass the Will or Lore (Religion) check.

Bottom left wing same symbol puzzle:

Top Left wing arrow puzzle:

Top Left wing same symbol puzzle:

Bottom Left wing Green/Red symbols puzzle:

Enigma centre puzzle, put green binding source on outer ring Dried-Up Magic Springs. Blue binding source on inner Dried-Up Magic Springs. Then step on the last symbol of every row of symbols, start from topleft, clockwise. After that, interact with the device in the centre to summon Areshkagal projection.

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