PUBG – Basic Guide

The complete basics of PUBG all in one guide!

Game Modes

  • TTP = Third person play.
  • FFP = First person play.


Just you the player vs 99 other people for the win.


You and a partner vs 98 other people.


Team of four and every squad must eliminate the others for the win.

1 Man Squad

Solo’s but everyone else is in a squad of four. Basically hard mode.


Test out all the guns and vehicles.

Note: See training tab for more info.


Bring up the map by pressing ‘M’ on your keyboard.

This will display all of the available areas in the map.

Right click for a marker. Hold for a options wheel.

The Zone

As the match goes on the zone will shrink pushing players closer together. You will take damage slowly over time.

Note: Your squad can place markers aswell.

Danger Zone

The danger zone is a red circle marked on your map that displays the area that missles will bomb. These can knock you so be careful and avoid the area. Only lasts for around 5 minutes.


Currently only five active maps in multiplayer with an extra remastered one.


Air drops with supplies will come down during the match. Only go for it if it looks clear. People will go for this.

Call Outs

If you’re playing squads call outs are quite helpful.

F3Hold F3 and a option wheel will come up letting you choose some things to say towards your squad.

Some of these options are:

  • Enemy spotted.
  • Over here.
  • Here is blah blah.
  • Need backup.
  • Sorry.
  • Yes/no.


Press ‘I’ or ‘Tab’ to bring up the inventory page.


Police vest and helmet provide bullet reduction depending on the level. Make sure to look around for these.

Here you can all items that you have picked up during the match.


A backpack must be found to hold more items during the match. Max level is three and if you don’t have one you can only hold few things.

Training Mode

Found in the menu the training mode lets you use every gun and every vehicle in the game.

Shooting Range

Shoot at moving targets for practice. Differnt types of these.

Every Vehicle

Grab any car or vehicle you desire for practice.

The Match

When joining a public match you’ll more than likely be in the starting lobby waiting for other players to join so it reaches 100. Here you can plan your destination on the map and jump around punching people during the mean time.

The Plane

Once the counter is done you’ll spawn in a plane and begin your flight over the map. Pick a spot and press ‘F’ to jump from the plane.

Proceed to parachute towards the area you picked. Your parachute will auto open if you don’t press ‘F’.


Once you land run and grab a weapon as fast as possible as you don’t know who else landed here. Loot will be everywhere during you match.

The End

Around the final 10 players the zone will be tiny and it will be a shoot fest so take cover.


Your team mates can be revived if they’re knocked but not dead. They can also mark the map.

Keep them alive because it’s easier for the win. They can share loot. They can use a microphone aswell.



Faster health regen and movement speed.


Slow limited health regen.

Med Kit

70% instant health heal.


Full boost and health.


Many types of guns can be randomly found during a match of PUBG. Once you find a gun you like you’re not done as bullets and upgrades must be found.


These can be seen in the Inventory window. Attachments can be found on the ground during a match. It’s just luck what ones you find and if they fit your gun.

Note: Setting for auto attach in the settings.

Some examples:

  • X6 scope.
  • Quickdraw.
  • Grips.
  • Stocks.
  • Red dots.


Display keys can be triggered in the settings.

  • Q – Left lean.
  • E – right lean.
  • B – Fire mode.
  • G – Grenade wheel.
  • F3 – Callout window.
  • F4/F5 – emotes.
  • N – Mini map resize.
  • P – Mission tab.


Multiple types of vehicles can be found. You will need fuel for long distances.

Note: Vehicles make loud noises so enemies will be alerted.


Vehicles are good for escaping or getting into the safe zone so you don’t die from the large blue zone.

  • Planes.
  • Cars.
  • Bikes.
  • Buggies.
  • Boats.

Daily / Battle Pass

Daily & Weekly Missions

Simply look at the mission tab in the menu and you’ll be able to see missions that you can complete.

Complete these and you’ll get xp rewards.


Includes free and paid content that gains xp and levels from the challenges above. At the time of the writing it’s season 6.


Mastery can be found in the main menu and it’s basically a level up system in Pubg. The more you play, the more your mastery goes up. As you level up you gain rewards like calling cards and emblems.

Note: Max seems to be level 500.


You can access the store from the main menu but it’s mostly paid cosmetics for your character. You can spend some free currency from matches but it’s alot.


  • Don’t drop in a popular area.
  • Look around you.
  • Pick up better gear.
  • Try and have a sniper for range.
  • Get those x6 scopes.
  • Drops are heavily populated.
  • Stay with your team.
  • Heal and stay out of the zone.
  • Use a microphone.
  • Use training mode.
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