PUBG – Survival Title System (SP) Explained

A detailed explanation for how Survival Points (SP) work in PUBG.


I’ve looked up and down and it seems like getting a clear answer for how Survival Points work is a lot more difficult than it should be. I’d like to put that to rest by putting in everything I could find into one guide.

Season 2 Patch

So at the introduction to competitive Season 2 in PUBG, the developers announced they were putting in a new system of rating and ranking after PUBG matches. Survival Points, in the stead of Rank Points, to further emphasize that the goal is to win and be the last man standing, not just simply get as many kills as possible.

They implemented a new system of leveling (depicted in the picture), which more or less rewards you for personal growth and commitment rather than kill by kill, placement by placement. So if you do astonishingly better than you normally do, you’ll see a large change, whereas if your game is pretty typical of your performance, you’ll see a smaller change.

A very nice indicator of what is typical and what is atypical are your own statistics. While that may seem obvious, how often do you check your kill/death ratio, placement, or damage per game? If you’re doing better than your average, you’re likely to see steeper movement.

But here is the big question, answered:

Q: So what does a kill or win translate to in terms of Survival Points?

A: There is no answer. Far and wide, up and down, you cannot find concrete evidence that will tell you what each kill will equal. What each win will equal. It’s different for everyone because everyone is at a different stage in their personal growth. If Shroud drops into Gatka, picks up a pistol and kills a guy, then dies right after, he is going to get SIGNIFICANTLY less Survial Points, if any, than say a rookie who did the exact same thing. His personal growth is so much farther along that he needs to do impacting damage to the game to get a healthy amount. 

All in all, if you’re a lower level player (Beginner-Experienced Rank (0-2,999 SP)), you should be getting anywhere from 30-60 Survival Points for getting a Chicken Dinner with a kill or two. After 3,000 your Survival Points don’t technically slow down, but by that point you’re playing so much better than before that you will need a few more kills when you win to see the same gains you were before. 

Now, according to the Developers, after you reach rank 5000, or Expert, your Survival Point Gains are going to be significantly slowed. You’ll need to drop several people to see even minuscule gains in Survival Points.

Competitive Season 4

Season 4

Season 4 brings with it a new Survivor Pass and new missions, weapon skins and aesthetics alike. What it brings as well is a new addition to the Survival Point world. In previous seasons it was a well known meta to SP climb by just going to Sanhok because the matches were so short that getting a nice placement was relatively easy (just don’t go to Bootcamp). 

Survival Points earned from the previous season are soft-reset. Your previous SP is reset, although it’s taken into account when determining your starting SP for the new season. Survival Point gains have been increased significantly in Erangel, Miramar and Vikendi to make SP earned more fair across all maps with a similar time played.

Essentially what this means is that Sanhok is no longer the meta, and you need to do well in your Rank Earning matches in order to retain your SP from last season. Otherwise you’re looking at a not so soft reset. (I myself got killed right away in my first game, so I lost 1,000 SP in Duos).

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