PUBG – Tips for Newbies

How Does the Game Work?

First of all, remember: PUBG is not an ordinary shooter. If in Counter-Strike you were chasing the number of frags, then here the goal is to survive.

Top players usually rely on stealth. Yes, the prospect of hiding in the bushes or boating somewhere further from the shore does not seem so entertaining. But if you want to be in the first place, then you have to adapt.

Yes, the mechanics of shooting here too … rather unusual. Hide and seek is good. But sometimes you have to shoot someone who discovers your head bulging from the bushes.Here is an example scenario of any “skating rink” (the so-called one round):

You appear on the plane and must choose which part of the island to land on. See our guide map with places of respawn and appearance of cars. In short, you should avoid places where there will be a lot of people – large cities and villages – look for your small place where you will look for weapons and equipment.

When you are finished with the search at the starting point (you have found a weapon or an approaching electric field is driving you out of place, it doesn’t matter), move to the white circle. If you do not have time and get into the blue zone, then you will begin to lose health – a little bit at the first stages, after – in huge quantities. Along the way, you will have to look for safe places to relax, collect loot and defend yourself from attacks by other players. To learn how to play PUBG and survive, secrets are not needed – behave carefully until 10-15 players remain alive, because it makes no sense to engage in confrontations until then.

The game goes into the final part, which means that all strategies go through the forest – unpredictability and improvisation come into play. But we have prepared for you a bunch of tips on how to behave in such a situation – they are waiting at the bottom of the page.

Game Basics: Settings and Management

The mechanics of the game may seem confusing – and even frightening. Especially for a person who is used to rushing into the thick of the battle.

For those who survived Day Z, some things may be familiar. In this section you will find chips that will help at the beginning and middle of the round.

The Basics: Strategy and Tactics

Any newbie guide for Playerunknown`s Battlegrounds will say: big cities are a dangerous place to start, but there is almost always a good loot there. So land in villages to increase your chances – it’s better to choose a place where a bunch of buildings are next to each other. See this guide for more detailed instructions.

The most useful things in the game are assault rifles, which, for obvious reasons, are good in almost any situation; backpack; body armor; first aid kits and a helmet – the higher the level of these things, the better.

At the beginning of the round, all doors on the map are closed. If you see an open door, then there was someone in this building. Or is there still … A closed door, by the way, does not mean that the building is empty – there may be an ambush.

Your hero begins to take damage from falling from a height of the second floor.

If someone shoots at you from afar and you don’t understand where from, don’t go to bed! So you become easy prey. Instead, zigzag to any hideout. You need to get away from the field of view of the enemy. Otherwise, death. A great chance is to run over the hill.

If you are fighting with several opponents, ignore those who are disconnected – they won’t rise without the help of a friend (this advice is for those who play in Duo or Squad mode). Concentrate on those who are still running.

Cars help to travel long distances, but they attract a lot of attention with their noise. Use wisely.

Do not park the car on a hill – it will slowly roll down and explode when it crashes into something. If you are inside a car that rushes towards something solid, then brake sharply! Do not jump on the go – such a feint with your ears will eat all your health.

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