Red Dead Online – All Free / Earnable Loot Available

Free loot from various ways.

Prime Gaming

This is the one you’ve probably already heard of. If you own Amazon prime you can redeem this to earn the following:

  • $1,000
  • Bounty Hunter License
  • Trimmed Amethyst Bounty Wagon Livery (Requires 3 Role tokens and Rank 25+ Bounty Hunter)
  • Coupons for reduced price on a poncho and a LeMat revolver
  • Free Off-Hand Holster
  • 100 x High Velocity Revolver Cartridges
  • 100 x Explosive Revolver Cartridges

This is a fantastic deal for a beginner as it not only gives you a splash of cash and valuable ammo you cannot make or purchase until higher levels, but it gives you the Bounty hunter role, the only role that awards you gold for completing the missions.

10 Gold bars (Two-Factor Authentication)

Another easy boost for those so inclined, the process is easy enough, however, be aware that this process can take up to 72 hours to process. If it has been over 72 hours and you have not received your 10 gold bars, contact support and they will accredit your account.

For those who need a step by step:

  • Head over to the 2-Step Verification page on the Rockstar Games Social Club website and log in if needed.
  • From the 2-Step Verification page, look for the purple button labeled Setup and click it to reveal a QR code and secret key.
  • Using the authenticator app of your choice, scan the QR code using your mobile phone or manually enter the provided Secret Key. After that, enter the password and the Verification Code offered by the autheticator app.
  • Click Verify to confirm 2-Step Verification.

GTA: Online Crossover Items

Vibrant Red Poncho

A simple, vibrant red poncho with golden trim. It used to come with a free collector’s role, but that is no longer the case. To earn this ‘exclusive’ poncho you have to gather all 52 playing cards scattered about the GTA:O world. It’s a pain, I wouldn’t recommend it unless you are truly smitten with the design of the poncho.

Navy Revolver

A bloodied Variant of the navy revolver with the words ‘You’re Next’ Scrawled on them alongside blood stains and other creepy bits. To unlock this variant you have to solve a ‘puzzle’ in GTA: Online and then kill 50 people with it. You’ll know it unlocks after the game gives you a cash reward (In GTA: Online).

Golden Double-Action Revolver

A fancy version of the double action revolver. A quick pickup as all you have to do is wait for an email from VANDERLINDEGANG and do a small treasure hunt. If you’ve played RDO, you know what to expect.

This item is for the main story only!

Stone Hatchet

A style of the hatchet that is a bit harder to get than the other options as it’ll have you doing 5 bounties in GTAO to get. Interesting skin though?

This item is for the main story only!

Pocket Watch

A simple, yet lesser known trick, is a free pocket watch that will allow you to tell time in-game. Not the valuable ones that sell for cash at the fence, but the one that costs 1 gold bar in the store.

Simply travel to Van horn and head west. The abandoned house there has a wagon you can climb up to get into the second story room. In the filing cabinet will be a pocket watch all your own. Now when you bring up the information Hud, the time will be displayed beside your location.

The Ol’ Dripfeed

There’s likely a weekly event going on now that I cannot be bothered to include. Such examples include a free map when you purchase a pamphlet, or a free hat if you kill a rare bear, etc. This is just an all-encompassing pointer for these meager updates as I won’t be updating the guide that often. The rewards can range from nice to pointless depending on how new you are. You can check these out under the benefits tab in the online menu.

Main Story / Edition Bonuses

Just including this part to cover the bases. You earn stuff for online by owning/beating the RDR2 Main story, as well as some collector editions offering extra things. But that’s all rather pricey considering many seeing this guide simply bought the RDO standalone for 5$.

And for those of you who have played and enjoyed the main storyline, enjoy this complementary Micah.

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