Baldur’s Gate 3 – Tips and Tricks

Baldur’s Gate III Tips and Tricks

  • Tooltips appear near the top-right below the minimap. These are usually useful for certain moments, like needing to jump. When you haven’t learned how yet.
  • Hold Alt to make all lootable bodies visible nearby. This also works for showing certain items.
  • Always take advantage of high ground and getting behind your enemies. This will make it easier to hit them if you have a height advantage. Being behind enemies only really benefits melee characters for the backstab advantage.
  • You can use a bonus action to dip your weapon in nearby elements for extra damage. The most common one you’ll likely find is fire.
  • Saving often is a good way to have a backup incase something goes drastically wrong.
  • Remember to use short rests and long rests at the campsite by using the buttons near the minimap at the top right corner. These will help you recover health and spell slots.
  • Be careful of moving during a fight when you’re right next to an enemy. This will trigger an opportunity attack where they can attack you without expending actions. You can do the same thing to enemies as well.
  • You can use the jump/disengage bonus action to get out of an opportunity attack without getting hit.
  • Cantrip spells don’t exhaust any spell slots and can be used every turn. Remember to check what actions are used when hovering over an ability. It will say at the bottom of the window that appears.
  • If you’re not sure how to light a torch, you can dip it in a flame to do so. This will help deal with a lack of light if you don’t have the darkvision trait.
  • You can eat all different types of food for health. Certain types of meat are especially great for healing.
  • You can right-click an enemy to examine them. This is a useful way to learn about their resistances, current conditions, and more. If you’re not sure what a condition is on yourself or a companion, you can hover over the condition on your portrait.
  • Even if you can’t disarm a trap, you can still shoot it from afar to trigger it.
  • Offhand attacks count as a bonus action. This can work well with a rogue using two daggers.
  • Pressing the spacebar will activate the turn-based mode outside of combat. This can be useful for planning the first move or treading carefully.
  • You can travel between all activated waypoints when at one. Also, you can fast travel between them by simply opening up your map, so long as you’re not underground. Certain areas prevent fast travel as well.
  • Sometimes a character will have a trade button at the bottom left corner even though they won’t have a dialogue option to trade.
  • Always look for opportunities in the environment. You may see a stalactite hanging from a cave ceiling or a wooden stockade you can knock down. Sometimes it pays off to hover your mouse around with an arrow prepared.
  • If you sell something to a trader, you can try to steal it back by pickpocketing them.
  • Certain classes like wizards and warlocks can learn spells for a small sum of gold. Just right-click a scroll in that character’s inventory to see if you can and for how much.
  • Keep an eye out for areas you might be able to jump to. Baldur’s Gate III has a large range for jumping both forward and up. You’ll likely find a lot of secrets if you notice jumpable gaps.
  • While exploring dark areas, you can see a lot better if you use a companion with darkvision.
  • The minimap in the top-right corner has a marker for which way is north.
  • You can throw potions at other people to get that effect on them. This also works on groups of people that are very close together. For example, throwing a healing potion between two companions to heal both of them at once.
  • Take advantage of the elements by freezing blood, burning water to create steam, or zapping a water source. These are a few methods great for certain spells and potions.
  • Spacebar skips dialogue incase you’re in a rush or replaying content.
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