Rogue Lords – Hecate / Baron Tips / Build

Hecate Guide

Note: Credit goes to Pipmalice

Hectate is amazing with anyone that can recharge her abilities lilith with ring and dracula, to stack up cosmic (as they reset on her recharging but not others recharging hers) if you want her as a carry and then best used with other characters that are low AP cost. Or try to find her relic that gives her power every 4 moonphases with low cost abilities. Hectate is a decent support with constant sp heal (Specially with things that have split spirit) for 2 ap at the start and then no longer any cost (and it can be a nice skill recharge when needed.

Just beat the 7th chapter boss with hectate cosmic build and having both iron maiden and hell’s brasero on her. And then using black storm to 1 shot the boss.

You could technically go Divniation + Celestial dust win condition on her but thats very hard to pull off and VERY late game.

Though baron tends to cost a lot of AP himself so i would go a support build with her if you want to run them together (ritual + support/tech skills).

Baron i’ve heard that he can get really strong Old world amulet and sepulchral transfusion, but i struggle surviving the higher books early/mid game with him so i can’t really give advice on him yet as im still trying to get him to work.

He seems to be designed to apply and trigger depression but whenever i try to build around it, it feels too awkward and a lot of effort for less pay off than any of the other carries.

Also the only other person with depression is bloody mary so that technically should synergize very well with him and is a very strong ability, but i struggle living long enough focusing on baron early on to get it even though it is a first stage evolutions (I might go for fear too much, so either you’d need to pick a skill early or use bloody mary as a carry till you can get baron’s relics and skill set up)

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