Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – How to Beat Genichiro Way Of Tomoe / Ishin Sword Saint (Boss Guide)

Genichiro Way Of Tomoe / Ishin Sword Saint

  • Location : Ashina Reservoir
  • Deathblow Markers : 4 ( 1 Genichiro Way Of Tomoe , 3 Ishin Sword Saint )
  • Reward : Battle Memory , Dragon Flash technique
  • Optional : no
  • Best prosthetic tools : Firecracker , Lazulite Axe , Suzaku’s Lotus Umbrella , Mist Raven
  • Best skill art : Mikiri Couter , Projected forced


Note: is hard to ( give guide how to beat this you just have to be good but i try anyway ).

First we have to beat Genichiro Way Of Tomoe which is honestly almost the same as the one in Ashina castle but there is couple exceptions :

  • He can now use all bow attacks from previous encounter
  • He cannot use lightning arrows or lightning sword attack
  • He now can use mortal draw or double mortal draw

Hes not to hard to fight just be aggressive as possible don`t let him use bow (if you are close he will never use it) he still has hes jump attack that you can mikiri counter and sweep/thrust/normal attack when he jumps in air just like before.

In phase 1 Ishin is not to hard (compare to what he can do after in second and third phase) to fight but you should have know couple things:

  • Hhes posture regeneration very very quickly even if hes vitality is low so it is recommended to stay close and keep attacking ,Lazulite Axe deal lot of posture damage but is hard to see opportunity to attack him without taking damage ( the best moment is after mikiri counter)
  • Just like Genichiro Ishin can use certain skill arts against you such as Ashina Cross and Double Ichimonji

His main attacks will be a rather quick. One of his main ones being a double slash with considerable distance. He will sheath his sword and it will flash white, then he will dash and double slash. Deflecting both attacks is an option however, you can run backwards and sprint to the side. Once he slashes he is open for a quick two hits. His main slashes are a three to four hit combo, delaying between each hit. A thrust for an easy Mikiri counter, which will be telegraphed as he will end up in the thrust position before committing. Along with these attacks, he will do a long range wind attack, which can be dodge by running sideways as you can get a couple free hits on him this way as well. And a close range, full screen sweep, giving you just enough time to sprint backwards before it goes off.

In phase 2 things are starting to get really, really bad. Ishin is now going to be way more agile than before.

Phase 2 is a massive difficulty increase from phase 1.Once he stomps the ground, he will do knockback damage, but not Vitality damage. Pulling a spear and swiping it in a tight circle around himself. If timed correctly, you maybe be able to get a hit or two in before he begins his assault. Along with the spear, he will have a short sword with him, along with a rapid fire gun. During this phase, he will keep the wind sweep attack, using it randomly throughout the fight. He will be consistently more aggressive, moving towards you if you make too large of a gap, firing the pistol if the gap gets too large. Making a large gap, you may be able to bait him into using a thrust that can easily be Mikiri countered. He will do large, heavy hitting overheads, usually one after another that can be deflected at the cost of heavy posture damage. Dodging sideways as he descends from the overhead, you can easily dodge the hit and get a few hits in yourself. After Isshin deflects one of your blows, sometimes he will jump backwards and make a sweep at you with his spear. Right as he does this, dodging into the attack (towards him) will allow you to get several hits on him as well. Be careful doing this, as he may do another overhead directly after. Dodging can keep distance, as much as he may spam the gun, is the easiest way to bait him into thrusting, easy overhead dodges, and breaking his posture overall.

Phase 3 is almost the same as phase 2, except he has three new attacks. One being a large swing, in which he covers his spear in lightening and swings it at you. You will want to get close when he does this and jump, as to deflect it directly back at him for big Vitality and posture damage, along with a flurry of free hits. His second attack will be similar to his phase 1 long range wind attack, the main difference is instead of it being vertical, it will be more of a distance slash attack. Third new attack will be adding lightning damage to his large overhead attacks. You can deflect the lightning, although the timing can be difficult so i recommend again to use mist raven.

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