Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – How to Beat Emma Gentle Blade / Ishin Ashina (Boss Guide)

Emma Gentle Blade / Ishin Ashina

  • Location : Ashina Castle
  • Deathblow Markers : 3 ( 1 Emma Gentle Blade , 2 Ishin Ashina )
  • Reward : Battle Memory , One mind skill art
  • Optional : no
  • Best prosthetic tools : Firecracker , Suzaku Lotus Umbrella
  • Best skill art : Double Ichimonji


I`m not sure what guide I can give against Emma because shes easy I never really had trouble with her personally (she hits hard but shes predictable and easy to learn so here is list of attacks and how to deal with them) :

  • Single Slash -Deflect
  • Dash Slash -Deflect
  • 2 slash combo -Deflect
  • Sword & Hilt Flurry -Deflect
  • Grab -Run away and counterattack
  • Sweep -Jump to posture break or Run away and counterattack
  • Thrust -Mikiri counter or Run away and counterattack
  • Ashina Cross -Backdodge through it or Run away and counterattack

Ishin Ashina in phase 1 is very similar to Ishin Sword of Saints in phase 1 he has same attacks that leads to thrust and sweep and same triple hit combo difference is he can do step dodge to avoid your attack so be sure to parry when he does this. He also has the same grab animation that Emma has so watch out for that, his posture is really low (as for final boss of shura ending).

In phase 2 however Ishin becomes way more difficult. In this phase the same tactics of Phase 1 will work but we must adapt to the new fire attacks and the onslaught of slashes. After the deathblow to enter phase 2, players you have a moment which you can use Ichimonji double to damage Isshin’s posture. When Isshin brings his sword up vertically with a raised leg he will step create fire and slash sending a firewave outwards, run to him and use Firecracker to stop that and double Ichimonji to build his posture if you are to far to do that find safe place to stay and use Suzaku umbrella spin do deflect all of his quick slashes and counter attack with projected force skill.

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