Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – How to Beat Sakura Bull of the Palace (Boss Guide)

Sakura Bull of the Palace

  • Location : Fountainhead Palace
  • Deathblow Markers : 1
  • Reward : Prayer Bead, A Beast’s Karma
  • Optional : yes
  • Best prosthetic tools : Firecracker , Shuriken
  • Best skill art : Chasing Slice


Unlike Blazing Bull, you can Stealth Deathblow Sakura Bull of the Palace from above. The strategy with this boss is pretty much the same as it was fighting Blazing Bull. Stay as far away as possible and when he is charging use a parry to stun him. You can use Firecrackers to stun him if you need time to heal.

The main difference between both bulls is that this one does not deal fire damage. That means you won`t need to use any extra items to heal a status effect.

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