Soul Knight – Cloud Save Guide (iOS)

Cloud Save Manual for iOS Users

Account System

With the new account system, cloud save data will be stored on ChillyRoom’s server with regular backups. In case of loss, our customer service representatives can retrieve backups from the system to assist with recovery.

Important Notes:

  • Accounts engaging in hacking or cheating will be permanently banned.
  • Save data cannot be shared between two accounts or transferred between Android and iOS devices.


Two Login Methods

You can log in with:

  1. Apple account or
  2. ChillyRoom account

Which Login to Choose?

  • If you have played the game before the Account System was released and have used Cloud save, we recommend that you always sign in with Apple.
  • Sign in with Apple is not available for children under 13 years old (This age may vary by country or region). These players can only log in with a ChillyRoom Account. If you have registered a ChillyRoom Account in other ChillyRoom games, you do not need to sign up for a new one again.
    • For players unable to sign in with Apple but who played before the Account System was released and have used cloud save, please reach out to our customer service to migrate your data from iCloud to ChillyRoom’s server.

If you choose to sign in with Apple, please make sure that you use the same Apple account every time you log into the game. The same applies to the ChillyRoom account. If you switch accounts, you won’t be able to upload your local save to the cloud of another account.

Note: We would like to notify you that we have new codes for this mobile game. Soul Knight codes will give you gifts, gems and many other improvements for the comfort game.

Apple Account

Log Into Apple Account

Log into your Apple ID

  • Go to Settings – Your Apple ID – iCloud – turn on Game Center, iCloud Backup and iCloud Drive. Most importantly, enable Soul Knight for using iCloud.
  • Log into Game Centre
  • Back to the game to sign in with Apple

Bind your Purchases with Apple Account

After the first time you sign in with Apple, you’ll be asked to bind your purchases.

You can restore the non-consumable in-app purchases that you’ve lost after the bind is successful.

ChillyRoom Account

Log Into ChillyRoom Account

If you can’t sign in with Apple, logging into the ChillyRoom account is the only way to get you into the game. But first, you have to sign up for one.

On the main screen, tap on the ChillyRoom Account button, and under the LOG IN window, tap on the SIGN UP button.

We’ll send you a confirmation email. If you can’t find it in your inbox, remember to check your spam or junk folder. Click the link in the email to complete the signup.

If you see an error message that says “The account already exists”, it means you have already registered one account, possibly in Otherworld Legends, We Happy Restaurant, or Soul Knight Prequel.

If you don’t remember the password, you can always reset it by tapping the Forgot Password button under the LOG IN window. Again, we’ll send you a confirmation email. Click the link there to complete the reset.

Bind your Purchases with ChillyRoom Account

After the first time you sign in with ChillyRoom Account, you’ll also be asked to bind your purchases. The specific process is consistent with the Apple account purchase binding mentioned above.

Restore Purchases & Delete Account

You can restore purchases under two circumstances:

  • If you’ve signed in with Apple and completed the purchase binding process; or,
  • If you’ve logged into a ChillyRoom account and completed the purchase binding process

If you can’t find your non-consumable products (such as skins and heroes that are unlocked with money), go to the main screen, tap on the gear button, and then tap on the shopping cart button.

You can delete your Personal Information and Permissions to Soul Knight by deleting the account:

Use Cloud Save Feature

  • Tap on the ChillyRoom Cloud Save button
  • Now compare your cloud save to the local save. To retrieve your progress from cloud, tap on Retrieve Progress. To upload your progress to the cloud, tap on Upload Progress.

If this is your first time using this feature, you should see “Cloud save not found” on your cloud save information.

  • You may see a warning to double confirm. Please read carefully and click “yes” ONLY IF you want to perform the action.

You can tell which account you’ve logged into by tapping on the smiley face button on the bottom right corner of the cloud save screen for more information.

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