STALCRAFT – Quest for Hystrix`s RPD

In this guide i`ll show you how to get RPD with some attachments for free.

First of All

In the end you can get one of two RPD`s. The difference between them is in sight and handguard. I`ll show you how to get better one.

Also this quest is avaliable for both stalkers and bandits.

How to Start This Quest

To start quest you need to talk with Captain at the safezone Rostok bar.

Talk with him, he`ll give you marker at the forest, go there at midnight (24:00 pm – 3:59 am) and talk with NPC. Everything must be clear.

Morning Running

Between 24:00 PM – 3:59 am you must interact with Firebrand.

After that go back to the Rostok and find Hystrix.

After talking with him you need to talk with people inside safezone, and after that search for NPC`s and The Dump. Then get some information about Radar cave from Firebrand, and move to the Burial, and enter the dungeon.

There`s some bio and psy hazard inside, but you can wear your plot exoskeleton or armor that Shaman give`s you when you met him at the Rostok first time.

Prepare some blue first aids, shotgun or smg and some hunting\expansive ammo. You`ll need that.


After you come in, first of all interact with that table, because if you miss it – you`ll need to start this dungeon again.

Look at the window – you`ll see zombie. Another 3 zombies will wait for you down there.

Kill zombies, kill snorks, and go left on top of the orange bus. You need to go through whirlgig and jump down to the hole, where you`ll meet bloodsucker. That`s why i said you to prepare some good shotgun or submachine gun and some good medicine.

After you killed him – interact with body and then jump in that teleport using that conviniently placed trampoline.

Inside the tunels you need to go left.

And on the left side in the corner you`ll find backpack.

After that you can exit through teleport or /suicide directly to base.

The Moment when You Need to Read Dialogues

After that dungeon you have a choise to tell Firebrand truth about all the situation, or talk with Hystrix first to let him explain himself.

And that`s what we needed. He`ll give us the same RPD as Firebrand will give us too, if we tell him the truth, but with better colimator and grip (on Firebrand`s RPD you`ll get cheap and not that comfy eotech and grip with worse stats).

After that talk we go to the Forest, lie to Firebrand and go back to the Hystrix.

Friends were reunited, and we got our reward.

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