Starfield – Custom Hotkeys

A brief overview for how to set up the game to use custom hotkeys, and a few useful custom hotkey macros that I use.


Using custom hotkeys leverages the games console commands, without needing to actually open the command console. For this reason, it will disable achievements. If you care about achievements either use one of the many achievement enabling mods that are available, or do not do this.


The first thing you need to do in order to use custom hotkeys in Starfield is enable them in the StarfieldCustom.ini file.

In order to do this, the following lines must be in that file:


Add them to the file if they are not already present. If you have no StarfieldCustom.ini file, create a new text file in the folder: “Documents\My Games\Starfield” folder and name it StarfieldCustom.ini then add the above lines to the empty file.

Setting Up StarfieldConsole.ini

Once you have the StarfieldCustom.ini file set up to allow custom hotkeys, the next step is to actually set up the macros and hotkeys in a file called StarfieldConsole.ini. You should create this as a text file in the same directory as StarfieldCustom.ini and then name it as indicated.

The following is the contents of this file that I use:

HelmToggle=if player.getav b120b > 0; player.setav b120b 0; elseif player.getav b120b < 1; player.setav b120b 1; endif
SpacesuitToggle=if player.getav b120c > 0; player.setav b120c 0; elseif player.getav b120c < 1; player.setav b120c 1; endif
HealSlow=if Player.GetItemCount ABF9 > 0 ; Player.CF "Actor.EquipItem" ABF9 0 1 ; else ; if Player.GetItemCount 29A847 > 0 ; Player.CF "Actor.EquipItem" 29A847 0 1 ; else ; if Player.GetItemCount 2A9DE8 > 0 ; Player.CF "Actor.EquipItem" 2A9DE8 0 1 ; endif ; endif ; endif
HealFast=if Player.GetItemCount 29A847 > 0 ; Player.CF "Actor.EquipItem" 29A847 0 1 ; else ; if Player.GetItemCount ABF9 > 0 ; Player.CF "Actor.EquipItem" ABF9 0 1 ; else ; if Player.GetItemCount 2A9DE8 > 0 ; Player.CF "Actor.EquipItem" 2A9DE8 0 1 ; endif ; endif ; endif
HealBest=if Player.GetItemCount 2A9DE8 > 0 ; Player.CF "Actor.EquipItem" 2A9DE8 0 1 ; else ; if Player.GetItemCount 29A847 > 0 ; Player.CF "Actor.EquipItem" 29A847 0 1 ; else ; if Player.GetItemCount ABF9 > 0 ; Player.CF "Actor.EquipItem" ABF9 0 1 ; endif ; endif ; endif
RunFast=player.modav SpeedMult 110
RunSlow=player.modav SpeedMult -110
; Prioritize Best healing item
F9=if Player.GetHealthPercentage < 0.4 ; HealBest ; elseif Player.GetHealthPercentage < 0.6 ; HealFast ; elseif Player.GetHealthPercentage < 0.875 ; HealSlow ; else ; CGF "Debug.Notification" "Healing Not Needed!!" ; endif ; endif ; endif
Shift-6=player.equipspell 2C5A63 voice;CGF "Debug.Notification" "Phased Time prepared!"
Shift-5=player.equipspell 2C5389 voice;CGF "Debug.Notification" "Personal Atmosphere prepared!"
Shift-4=player.equipspell 2C5391 voice ;CGF "Debug.Notification" "Elemental Pull prepared!"
Shift-3=player.equipspell 2C5390 voice;CGF "Debug.Notification" "Create Vacuum prepared!"
Shift-1=player.equipspell 2BACB7 voice;CGF "Debug.Notification" "Gravity Wave prepared!"
Shift-7=player.equipspell 2BACBA voice;CGF "Debug.Notification" "Anti-Gravity prepared!"
Shift-2=player.equipspell 2C5A62 voice;CGF "Debug.Notification" "Gravity Well prepared!"
Shift-8=player.equipspell 2C538C voice;CGF "Debug.Notification" "Grav Dash prepared!"
Shift-9=player.equipspell 2C538B voice;CGF "Debug.Notification" "Life Forced prepared!"
Shift-0=player.equipspell 2BACB4 voice;CGF "Debug.Notification" "Eternal Harvest prepared!"
F1=player.equipspell 2C5A53 voice;CGF "Debug.Notification" "Void Form prepared!"
F2=player.equipspell 2C5A54 voice;CGF "Debug.Notification" "Sense Star Stuff prepared!"
F3=player.equipspell 2C5A4E voice;CGF "Debug.Notification" "Moon Form prepared!"
F4=player.equipspell 2C538A voice;CGF "Debug.Notification" "Precognition prepared!"
F6=player.equipspell 2BACB6 voice;CGF "Debug.Notification" "Reactive Shield prepared!"
F7=player.equipspell 2C5A59 voice;CGF "Debug.Notification" "Solar Flare prepared!"
F8=player.equipspell 2C5388 voice;CGF "Debug.Notification" "Sunless Space prepared!"
F10=player.equipspell 2C5387 voice;CGF "Debug.Notification" "Supernova prepared!"
R Shift=pm
Shift-R=if player.getav SpeedMult <130 ; RunFast ; CGF "Debug.Notification" "Running FAST!!" ; else ; RunSlow ; CGF "Debug.Notification" "Running SLOW!!" ; endif

Hotkey List

Once the above hotkey file is set up, the list of hotkeys with the file contents shown above is listed below. A player can set up or change the hotkeys or hotkey functions as desired to suit their own preferences.

  • B = Heal
    • Will use different heal items depending on how much health the player has lost and what items the player actually has available in inventory.
    • Emergency Kits are prioritized when below 40% health, Trauma Kits are prioritized when below 60% health, and medkits are prioritized when below 87.5% health. Above that value it will tell you that healing is not needed.
  • Shift-R = Run Faster Toggle. Toggles increase/decrease of player speed multiplier.
  • Right Shift = Open Photo Mode
  • Shift-F12 = Hide HUD toggle
  • Numpad * = Toggle Spacesuit visibility (when in areas where it is possible)
  • Numpad / = Toggle Helmet visibility (when in areas where it is possible)
  • Shift-6 = Equip Phase Time Power
  • Shift-5 = Equip Personal Atmosphere Power
  • Shift-4 = Equip Elemental Pull Power
  • Shift-3 = Equip Create Vacuum Power
  • Shift-2 = Equip Gravity Well Power
  • Shift-1 = Equip Gravity Wave Power
  • Shift-7 = Equip Anti-Gravity Power
  • Shift-8 = Equip Grav Dash Power
  • Shift-9 = Equip Life Forced Power
  • Shift-0 = Equip Eternal Harvest Powr
  • F1 = Equip Void Form Power
  • F2 = Equip Sense Star Stuff Power
  • F3 = Equip Moon Form Powr
  • F4 = Equip Precognition Powr
  • F6 = Equip Reactive Shield Power
  • F7 = Equip Solar Flare Power
  • F8 = Equip Sunless Space Power
  • F10 = Equip SuperNova Power
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