Starfield – Basic Storage & Crafting Outpost Guide

For those who don’t want to use the lodge or their ship as their main crafting and storage options. Build an outpost where you can store resources, craft workbenches, and do research and modding.

Guide to Basic Storage & Crafting Outpost

Note: Credit goes to spAde


  • Manually mine or loot until you have the resources needed to complete 3-12 (See resources below).
  • Find a system with both Al and Fe extraction areas on non-hazardous planets (e.g. Piazza) that have atmosphere or sunlight for power. If you find a site area where you can extract both metals with 1 outpost, good for you. This guide assumes you don’t.
  • Drop an outpost beacon and build a Fe/Al extractor at what will be your basic crafting base.
  • Build wind or solar power to get the first extractor running. Turbines only work on planets with atmosphere. You might need two.
  • Find another mineable area on the same or another planet in the same system to pair the Fe with Al.
  • Repeat 3-4
  • Build a cargo link at the second outpost and link the extractor to the outgoing container.
  • Build a cargo link at the first outpost and connect it with the second using the console between the containers on the pad. You are now extracting Fe and Al and have both at your main crafting outpost.
  • Build an industrial workbench at the main outpost. You can now manufacture adaptive frames there using the incoming Fe and Al. We need these to…
  • Build as many solid storage containers as you can/want (they have comically small capacity but you now have the setup to build as many as needed). Do not link them to the extractors or cargo link (that will fill them with incoming Fe Al, leaving no room for loot). Link them together (Mouse 2).
  • Build a small landing pad (<40m ship).
  • Play the game. Mine/Loot resources. Store it on your ship. Fast travel to your main outpost. Press R on a storage container there. Cycle to your ship (Q). Select resources. Select store all (T). This transfers the loot in your ship to the containers in your base. Build more storage if needed (you now have steady Fe and Al and can craft as many adaptive frames as needed with the industrial workbench).
  • Build additional desired workbenches. Use stored loot to research/craft/mod at them.



Module – Resources

  • 2 extractors – 4 Tungsten, 10 Iron, 8 Aluminium
  • 2 cargo links – 4 Beryllium, 40 Iron, 24 Aluminium, 4 Zero Wire (=4 Copper, 4 Silver)
  • Industrial workbench – 3 Iron, 4 Aluminium
  • Small landing pad – 20 Iron, 8 Aluminium

= 4 Tungsten, 4 Beryllium, 73 Iron, 44 Aluminium, 4 Copper, 4 Silver


Power Options

Option – Resources

  • 2-4 solar panels – 4-8 Beryllium, 8-16 Aluminium, 6-12 Copper
  • and/or 1-2 wind turbines – 3-6 Nickel, 2-4 Cobalt, 5-10 Aluminium

To cover all modules and power options:

  • 4 Tungsten
  • 12 Beryllium
  • 73 Iron
  • 70 Aluminium
  • 16 Copper
  • 4 Silver
  • 6 Nickel
  • 4 Cobalt
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