Starfield – Persuasion System Guide

You have complete control over your actions and decisions because Starfield allows you the opportunity to live your journey anyway you desire. Any matter may be resolved by fighting, or if you choose a more peaceful method, through talking.

Persuasion is needed to talk your way out of a conflict or other delicate situations. You will learn all you need to know about the persuasion mechanic in this Starfield tutorial, enabling you to maneuver your way out of even the most difficult predicaments.

Persuasion System Explained

How Does Persuasion Work?

The art of persuasion can be extremely helpful in Starfield, especially if you prefer to avoid unnecessary combat. If that sounds like you, you can choose the persuade option when prompted to smooth talk your way out of a bind rather than resorting to violence.

Once you decide to persuade someone, you will have a certain number of turns to earn enough points to be successful. Almost like a minigame. You can find the persuasion meter to the left of the text box and your remaining turns just to the right of that. Each bar of the persuasion meter needs to be filled to pass your persuasion test.

If you don’t get enough points within the turn limit, you will fail. Failing to persuade someone isn’t the end of the world, but you will probably have to resort to bribery or violence to get your way rather than relying on your irresistible charm and wit.

If you pick a successful dialogue choice on your last turn, you get one extra turn.

You can earn points by making successful dialogue choices. Each dialogue choice is worth a certain amount of points and can range from distractions to threats or subtle coercions.

Some dialogue choices are more difficult than others. You can tell how hard a choice is by the number of points it gives you and by its color. Green choices are safe options. They are worth fewer points but are more likely to work. Red choices are high-risk, high-reward options. They can potentially fill the entire persuasion gauge in just one turn, but there’s a big chance that it will fail.

If your dialogue choice is successful, your points will be added to the total at the bottom left of the screen.

Persuasion in Starfield is a game of chance and luck. Each option has its odds, and the result is simply a roll of the dice. So, if you pride yourself on your judgment of character, don’t feel too down in the dumps if you fail to persuade someone. There is no correct dialogue choice for each individual, and you could reload and choose the same answers you did before and get a different result.


In addition to the persuasion gauge on the left, there is also an auto-persuade ring on the right side of the screen. This gauge fills up a little each turn, depending on your answer. When the circle is full, you can press X to let the game do the work for you and automatically perform a successful persuasion.

How do I Increase My Chances of Persuading Someone?

There are a few ways to increase your chances of persuading people in Starfield. The first is by consuming food, beverages, or medicinal items that offer a persuasion boost. These will increase your chance of success for a certain amount of time.

You can also learn the Persuasion skill in the Social tab of your skill tree. After unlocking Rank 1, you will need to pass a certain number of speech challenges by successfully persuading people to unlock the next upgrades.

What Backgrounds Start with the Persuasion Skill?

If you know you want to prioritize persuasion from the start of the game, make sure you select one of the following backgrounds. Each of these backgrounds offers persuasion as one of their three predetermined skills.

  • Diplomat
  • Industrialist
  • Sculptor
  • Space Scoundrel
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