Stormworks: Build and Rescue – Alpha 251 X Manual

This is a Owners manual for the Alpha 251 X Fifth generation Fighter.

Getting Started

First of to get inside go to the front landing gear, you will then see a touch screen display once you get under the plane in the gear.

Click the box that has the word canpy and you will here a sound.

Right now you should be sitting in the pilot seat right now, Right? So now you will see some controls… alright you are ready now.

Getting the plane started and taxiing, and Take Off

So now what you would like to do and it is put the throttle to 15% and leave the brakes on, wait until the rps of the plane builds up.

Now once you are ready take off brakes and start taxing once you are in position put the brakes on till you align, once ready put throttle to full and take off brakes, pull back/pitch up, be careful to not tailstrike.

Now you are in the air, Hopefully

Getting To Know Your plane.Lets learn about our plane a little better.

So you will see that the number keys have the words pylons i bet you are thinking which pylon is which right?

Well as you see on the picture the first pylon is the first/left wing pylon/missile the same with the second pylon but instead it is on the right wing. The third pylon is usually the drop tank which is in the middle.

The two missils, are radar guided, but sometimes there will be a problem, for example it could get stuck to you, or it you enemy could be faster than the missile. The dorop tank holds about 500 liters of fuel.

Well thanks for flying and reading this manual with us and have a great day.

P.S. Landing is not that hard just try.

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