Sun Haven – Key Locations and NPCs (North Eastern Part + Quarry)

North Eastern Sun Haven 

Pet Store

The Sun Haven Pet Store can be found to the north and east of the town hall, and is run by Nim. Players can purchase pets, pet leashes and name tags, and animal food here. This building is very recognizable due to the dog bone on the roof and door. 


When repaired, Heather runs the Cafe, selling various food items. This building can be found next in the area to the north and east of the town hall with the Pet Store and Record Store. Jade can be found in the Cafe working on their typewriter. Repair this building with eighty (80) wood planks and six thousand (6000) coins. 

Record Store

Known by its musical note sign and piano key welcome rug, the Record Store is run by Arvel and sells playable music records and a record player. Find this building in the north east section of Sun Haven with the Pet Store and Cafe. 

The Quarry 

Solon’s Smithery

West of Lynn’s house through the exit is Solon’s Smithery where Solon and Lynn work, along with the entrance to the Sun Haven Mine. 

Sun Haven Mine

Level 1-10: The Dragon Levels

  • Materials: copper, water crystal, fire crystal, ruby (level 9)
  • Monsters: Lvl 4 Steel Slug appearing at level 6
    • Drops drill bit, stone, coins
  • Unlock: 9 copper keys
  • T1: 1 copper key

Level 11-20: The Dragon Levels

  • Materials: copper, earth crystal (lvl 14), adamant (lvl 19), gold (lvl 20)
  • Monsters:
    • Lvl 6 Steel Slug
    • Lvl 6 Pig Bat appearing at level 11
      • Drops ear tuft, berry, coins
  • Unlock: 9 iron keys
  • T2: Ore Muncher
    • 300 stone, 30 copper ore, 10 iron ore, 2 ruby

Level 21-30: Fire Levels

  • Materials: iron, adamant, gold, mithril
    • Red crystal crates: ores, stone, fire crystal, coins
  • Monsters:
    • Lvl 9 Magma Bug
      • Drops lava honey, coins
    • Lvl 12 Flame Imp appearing at level 23 (RANGED)
      • Drops soot, coal, coins
  • Unlock: 9 adamant keys
  • T3: Adamant Key

Level 31-40: Ice Levels

  • Materials: water crystal, mithril, adamant, gold, copper, iron, diamond (lvl 35), havenite (lvl 39), sunite ore (40)
    • Blue crystal crates: ores, stone, water crystal, coins
  • Monsters:
    • Lvl 16 Freezipede
      • Drops: snow ball, water crystal, coins
    • Lvl 19 Frost Wasp (RANGED)
      • Drops: ice cube, water crystal 
  • Unlock: 9 mithril keys
  • T4: Ore Muncher
    • 999 stone, 15 adamant, 10 mithril, 2 diamond

Level 41-49: Enchanted Levels

  • Materials: sunite, diamond, mithril, adamant, gold, havenite
    • Purple crystal crates: fire crystal, earth crystal
  • Monsters:
    • Lvl 26 Trapweed (RANGED)
      • Drops: Sticky sap, coins
    • Lvl 24 Lashtoad appearing at level 43 (RANGED)
      • Drops: dorado, dragonfly, coins
  • Unlock: 9 sunite keys

Level 51: The Bottom of the Mine

  • A strange crystal formation is on this level, and there is a warning sign by the door…

Mining Tool and Materials Notes

  • Iron pickaxe required to mine mithril 
  • Adamant pickaxe required to mine sunite
  • Gold can be found beginning at level 16
  • Materials found at all levels: stone, coal, sapphire, amethyst
    • Search for amethyst starting on on level 25
  • Rubies can be found on levels 21 and higher
  • Diamonds can be found on levels 31 and higher
  • Havenite can be found on levels 41 and higher
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