The Henry Stickmin Collection – Rank: Sneaky Escapist (SE)

Hello! This is just a bit of a guide to help get the Sneaky Escapist ending, better known as the SE ending. If you’re having a bit of trouble finding a way to get this ending, this guide will give you the answer you need! I hope this was helpful!

Sneaky Escapist Ending

Surprise! It’s a File!

Imprisoned with no plan to escape, you receive a package.Little did the officers know, that the perfect tool for henry to escape was inside!

Your first choice to escape the prison should be the mighty file.

Door or Window?

Now having obtained the file, the choice needs to be made to break open the cell door or the cell window.

Using the file on the cell door would be the right choice.

But, also choose window right after because it’s just funny to see henry fall.

Guards Attack!

Once opening the cell door, the cell door’s pole is your weapon.

That weapon will quickly come to use, as there is a guard sprinting right at you!

Very quickly click on the far left of the screen. Do the same for the far right.

Grenades or a Chair?

If you could choose some grenades or a chair, you would most likely choose the grenades. But what would really be the right choice to make in Henry Stickmin?

The chair actually has a safer choice that leads you into a vent and doesn’t get you blown up.

Just Go Right

When you enter the vent, just go right.

Plunger Time!

Getting down a building would be hard. But, Henry knows what he is doing.

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