The Isle – Allosaurus Survival for Nubs

This guide will help you grow and survive as one of the most formidable dinosaurs that has ever lived, and in The Isle.

Allosaurus in General

Note: Credit goes to Neurotyrannus

Allosaurus is probably one of the best dinosaurs in-game because of their all rounder stats. Thus, they may not be the best at some things but they are not bad at all. So if you’re new and want to start with a tanky-ish quick-ish dinosaur then this is the one for you.

Starting Out

So you spawn in as a juvi Allosaurus. Now what? 

Well, considering it takes 3 hours to fully grow your dino its best to just camp at a lake. Twins is definitely not a good option, and Titan lake is also a no-no. You’ll need a secure lake that has a lot of food and few predators (although most lakes in the V3 map has both.)

In between Twins and Docks is a pond where I usually grow my Allos. It gets dangerous at times (Utahs sitting on the rocks, apexes walking in and out etc.) but its also where many juvi dinos also head. If you plan this lake then the best strategy is to wait until you get to a certain size and kill anything you can get. After you’ve gotten a meal, get a drink and run to the trees and camp (this goes for every single lake). You may need to eat many times before you grow because of the juvi metabolism.

Once you’ve become a good sized juvenile, no other fresh juvi dino can overpower you. Now you can pretty much feast on whatever small thing has ventured too close to you.

It’s not hard to grow to an adult. You just need to time yourself in every hunt. 

Another thing is to NEVER venture out at night (this goes with pretty much every other juvi dino). Curiosity killed the cat, and it’ll do the same to you. Its best to hide at night and stay there unless you need food and/or water. This is the time when dilos and large predators hide out in the trees ready to ambush. Other than that, there’s not much to it.

Fresh Adult

Congratulations! You have successfully grown your peewee little juvi into a medium sized monster. But your journey doesn’t end here.

One mistake many Allo mains make is thinking they are ready to take on the world the second they grow. Sure, there’s not a terrible size difference between you and a fully grown adult, but there is a huge stats difference. A fresh adult Allosaurus only does 75 dmg and 10 bleed, compared to the fully grown Allosaurus that does 300 dmg and 25 bleed, you need some time to actually become a bane of existence to anything that’s the same tier and lower than you.

There are many things to watch out for at this point. You’re no longer easy pickings for single Utahraptors and Dilophosaurus, but you are easy prey for Ceratosaurs, Carnotaurus, T. rex, Giganotosaurs and even packs of Utahs can be very deadly.

At this point, you need to use a similar strategy as being a juvi: Hide out and ambush unsuspecting juvis and AI taking a drink. Don’t even think about hunting mid tier dinos like yourself until you are at least 90% grown.

Fully Grown

Well well, it seems you have grown to your full potential. Rexes and Gigas are still deadly as ever to you, but now you can out run and out ambush them.

Remember when I said you had to watch out for Ceratos and Carnos? Well now they have to watch out for YOU. But first, we need to explain what you can attack now that you’re fully grown.

Ceratosaurus: This is possibly one of the easiest things to kill if you’re good enough. An experienced solo Allo can easily clap a full pack of Ceratos. Considering you’re reading this guide because you’re not fully experienced, its best for you to understand this opponent. Because Ceras have an incredable turn radius, if they tail ride you, you HAVE to Z walk and snipe em from their tail the second you get the chance to get the hit. Otherwise avoid tailriding completely because you’ll most likely die. Just hit and run. Once you’ve hit it, your target is pretty much screwed do to their bad bleed resistance.

Carnotaurus: Well, consider that this thing is the fastest dinosaur in survival mode, you might as well ignore them because they can actually be pretty deadly. If you are attacked by a single Carno, it’s best for you to bite when it charges for you (again, you might wanna Z walk). Carnos are bleeders like you, so they hit and run. You do more bleed and overall dmg to them so they most likely might back down and run away.

Dilophosaurus and Utahraptor: I placed these guys in the same place because in order to kill them, you have to ambush them from the trees or the dense foliage. Nothing to it.

If you are attacked by a pack of Dilos, its best to ambush and kill one in order to deter the rest (same with Utahs).

Maiasaura: Being faster than you, you might wanna ambush them from the trees. Once you’ve got the hit, just chase them till they scumble to the ground from bleed or surrender.

Any small sub adult dinosaur: They simply don’t stand a chance against you depending on their size.

Suchomimus: This is the part where an experienced Isle player will call me an idiot, but lets say you and your Allo packmates got a kill and a bunch of Suchos steal it. Once it’s night, you can hit and bite through the mass ball of Suchos and they will back down. You’re night vision isn’t the best but if you know where they are this will work (will only work at night because in day a pack of Suchos can easily decimate a pack of Allos). 

That’s pretty much it for what you can target. A pack of Allos can also kill apexes but I wouldn’t try it even if I was the best Allo player in the world. 🙂

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  1. As an Allo main, I honestly think that it’s not that hard to beat an apex like the Rex and Giga. Things you need to do are concentrate, be patient and brave heart. Here are my tactics and tips on how to face them.

    In this case, I’d assumed it to be a 1v1 situation
    (Because of hunting with a pack is much easier than a solitary hunt; the worst scenario of living and death)

    Tyrannosaurus rex: For one bite and it’s over, So plump and bearish/ unable to gain stamina while standing
    so your aim (if possible) is to waste his stam as much as you can and try to hold him among an open area; take a wide space for ambush and avoid him using rocks/trees to block you out.

    So when you have such a sort of stipulate format like this, let’s get some moves on your Allo too.
    ***Rex ambush is faster than Allo sprint, Allo ambush is way faster than Rex ambush
    SO! stay ambushed no matter what.***

    Tactic 1
    1. Crouching in front of the Rex / keep a few distances
    2. Run in a circle or zigzag shape (in your side area / highly recommended
    running like the infinity symbol) to force him to make a gape
    3. Take charge in a straight line / do a fake-munches to urge him keenly to kill you
    4. Dodge your right and sudden move to your left side instead to avoid Rex’s
    hitboxes and once he is ambushing, your ambush speed could easily pass him
    and have time to get behind his tail *This one is tough though, I often made
    mistakes so many times, you need to focus on his moves carefully*
    5. Bitten on the tip of the tail / he probably uses his hitboxes and keeps in mind
    that your Allo has a slice walk motion so press z before riding him, the Rex can
    break check you so this is a thing you should beware of
    ***Somehow the Rex is being ambushed while you’re riding, DO NOT move away from it,
    if you do so he can catch you by the speed
    The best way is to keep staying at his back or wait till he repeals his ambush and
    then disengaged.***

    6. 5-6 bites without sitting down can bleed him out. No longer to tail ride but if
    you’re a bloody god-tier Allo player, I bet you’ll keep munching him to death
    just for fun, to play bleeding game or Rex ride racing; it’s all your desire

    Tactic 2
    Just so you know, this game rather hid some tricks which is remains for the one who spends much time discovering it; the more you play, the more you can get (This might be the proper quote to describe it I guess)

    1. You can pretend to lose your ambush by holding ‘Shift’ button so when you pass by
    the rex with speed, right away just hold it without pressing any button, the motion
    will stand still but retains your ambush (as long as you hold it)
    and most of Rex I’ve confronted with will strike immediately so make it lose a
    stam by chasing you **even if you just stay still, the ambush duration has also
    run out, use it well**
    2. Once the time comes, when he gave up on chasing you/ Do the same moves on
    the recitation of tactic 1 which I’ve mentioned above (clause 3 onwards) but this
    time will be easy cause the Rex has no more ambush at all

    Giganotosaurus: Lower speed but last long stamina and walking fast like hell/ regains stamina while standing or walking. To be honest, I would pray for you to not face to face with it, less % to beat Giga when you’re an Allo but there’s some way I think it’s worth giving a try

    Tactic 1 – Same strategy with Rex but instead of tail riding, just take some bites and step back to let him bleed out (This must be a long fight cause Giga has a bleed resistance)

    Tactic 2
    1. Pretend to lose the ambush but this time you need to let him make a move first
    2. Stand still so he would go straight to bite **It is the best way to dodge his raid,
    to make unpredictable moves**
    3. Dodge to your left side to get behind (hopefully the bite will not land on you
    cause Giga has a quick turn compared to Rex)

    That’s all, Also there are many great players in the game and these might be a few tricks I’ve found. For me, if you know how to use it I guarantee this Dino is one of the most fun to play with. HAVE FUN!

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